What Makes Andaman Exceptional For Tourist?


Andaman is an Indian island that is something like you feel you are at foreign destinations. Clean beaches, water activities, Cellular Jail, Coral reefs, Island hop and many more make this place scenic and tourist favorite destination. In this blog. I am going to share some of the most important points which make Andaman exceptional for tourists. Today book your exceptional Andaman tour package from Getz Destinations.


Have-lock Island: –
This island is home for Asia’s most beautiful beaches, Radhanagar beach, the island is unbelievably adorable and a perfect place to relax. The beaches are usually quiet and the only waves can be heard on the shore. You can enjoy snorkeling at Elephant beach and it is one of the most preferred snorkeling destinations after the jolly Buoy Island in Port Blair
Coral Reefs: –
Jolly Buoy Island is one of the best places to view of the multicolored coral reefs that Andaman is famous for. It is always amazing to look at something from the last glacial period when the melting ice caused sea levels to rise and flood the continental shelves. You can enjoy these activities with the best deal offer by booking Andaman tour package
Island Hopping: –
Enjoy the sunrise and sunset at the Neil island of Havelocks and Ross island of Port Blair is something exquisite you would love to experience. You can explore the naval museum, cemetery, and ruins of old buildings on Ross Island. These islands are a haven of beauty and they provide a scenic landscape sparkling like gems in the Bay of Bengal. You can enjoy all kinds of water activities on these Islands.
Sea Walking: –This is one of the biggest attractions of Andaman and you can enjoy this underwater walk at North Bay Island and Havelock Island. You wear a helmet that lets you breathe underwater and then walk brings you up close with corals and fish. Watching fishes over your head and floating alongside when you are walking is an experience of a lifetime.
Cellular Jail: –Cellular jail is popularly known as “Kala Pani” (black water), it was used by the British to imprison political prisoners. This jail is one of the live examples that remind us of the existence of that era. It is a place which is must visit place among all travelers. Beach Lounge: –What sand and the vast Bay of Bengal to look forward to and a pristine environment. You can relax around on any one of the Andaman’s beaches for the whole day. The quiet beaches and clean water can make you feel heavenly on the shore of the sea.

Andaman is mostly preferred by couples for Honeymoon and people who love to be far from the busy life and hectic schedule. You can visit Andaman all year and you find the weather mostly similar.


Kanika Negi