Most of the people around the world who celebrate this festival, love it the most because they enjoy the idea of giving valuable gifts to your close and loved ones as it emphasis a mark of being grateful to others and maintaining that bond. Even research shows that the excitement and joy the festival brings in the lives of people is actually a multitude of positive feelings and pure bliss. Some people have even said that Christmas is not only a festival to them but it’s an emotion where one indulges themselves in a way where they forget all the sorrows and shortcomings of their lives. This festival reconnects a lot of people and also brings back lots of memories of childhood through several photographs, videos and even letters. Christmas is known as one of the most beautiful yet joyful festival which brings families together and is said to be the season of gift-giving. This festival is celebrated all over the world to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who the Christians believe as the son of the Almighty. The word “Christmas” is derived from the Mass of Christ, also known as Jesus. December is a month full of new things, surprises and utmost excitement as it being the last month of the year and Christmas of course bringing in joy to everyone around. The beautiful sights and sounds of Christmas makes everyone rejoice in the beauty of this festival. Some beautiful places to celebrate Christmas this year are:

1. Mumbai: Let us start with where you can find some of the most beautiful churches in Mumbai for a midnight mass or a daytime Christmas prayer, some of our favourites are: Afghan Church & Holy Name Cathedral (Colaba), Mount Mary’s Basilica (Bandra), Gloria Church (Byculla), The Orlem Church (Malad), Saint Thomas’ Cathedral (Fort), and Saint Michael’s Church (Mahim). Apart from this, there are also celebrations held in Mumbai Malls some of which are: Inorbit Mall, Infiniti Mall, and High Street Phoenix Mall. There are also events organized for people to enjoy with their family and friends, we don’t want you to miss any if you spend this Christmas in Mumbai. The events are: Christmas in Mumbai Melody 2021, X-mas eve BandCamp, and the Build the Christmas Town with LEGO.

2. Manali: Some of the places in Manali that we found to be the best for one to celebrate and enjoy Christmas to its fullest are: Kullu, Cafe 1947, Sissu, Solang Valley etc . Manali in Christmas is a whole mood for snow and cold winter evenings as the tourists and other visitors are thronging in and around the Solang Valley to enjoy and spend a good quality time with family and friends. 

3. Shillong: Turning more beautiful in December, celebrating Christmas in Shillong offers immense fun and activities during the festive season that keeps you entertained which is undoubtedly among the best places to visit during Christmas in India. For those who think there ain’t any good places to visit during Christmas in the North-East, think again. With a good population of Catholics, Shillong in Meghalaya celebrates Christmas with as much zeal and enthusiasm as any other city in India and comes out as one of the best Christmas getaways in India. The must-visit Church in Shillong is said to be Mary Help of Christians Cathedral. Attend the midnight mass here and witness the lightening of the century-old fire tree.

4. Goa: The best way to celebrate Christmas is of course by attending the midnight mass service as Goa is said to be the home to almost 400 churches be it big or small. Some of the good options to attend the midnight mass service is “The Basilica of Bom Jesus” and “The Immaculate Conception Church”. Singing carols with others and giving thanks to the man above will make your Christmas even more beautiful and blessed. Apart from this, you can enjoy the Christmas feasts, partying and dancing on the beaches, taking part in various crib-making contests and much more! During Christmas in Goa, you will find almost all the local market places of Goa being decorated with beautiful lights and you can also enjoy having the Goan Christmas Cake which is made up of Wine and Dry Fruits. There are other festive treats as well which one can enjoy that is made up of coconut, dry fruits, etc.

5. Shimla: December and January have the high chances of snowfall and thus it is said to be the best months one can visit with their family and friends to spend their Christmas holidays and have a good delightful time. Apart from the white snow, one can also enjoy watching and joining in for the prayer and carol night during Christmas while the churches are beautifully decorated. It is said that Shimla has a different vibe during Christmas and it has those vibrant colours, events and carnivals of course which attracts the people like a magnet. Make the most of it!

6. Kerala: Traditional decorations and bright lightenings can be found in and around the local streets of Kerala and people prepare fruits cakes which they distribute or exchange round the season of Christmas. Some of the places in Kerala where you can actually celebrate Christmas and experience the best of it is: Kochi, Munnar, Wayanad, Kollam, Trivandrum and a few other places. Enjoy Christmas in Kerala the traditional way with your close ones! best places to visit during Christmas in south India.

7. Chennai: Chennai comes with a promise every year of a spirited Christmas celebration in chennai, and you can witness it all across the city. Apart from the snow, Chennai offers you everything you’d want for Christmas. You cannot miss the shimmering streets, bedecked churches, tastefully decorated Christmas trees, and the overall spirituality of the festival here. In the evenings you can enjoy the wild parties in pubs and clubs in the city or savor delectable food in prominent restaurants. Don’t forget to pay a visit to some famous churches like Velankanni Church, Santhome Church, St Andrews Church, and others while vacationing here.

8. Pondicherry: The only months one can consider to be the best ones and way from the Sun in Pondicherry is December and January and Christmas here is worth it as there are carols in the churches of course but apart from that one can enjoy in Annual Christmas Market aka Marche de Noel which has the best of handicrafts and homemade stuff such as artefacts and other things produce by Indian and French entrepreneurs. Over all one can have a good experience when in Pondicherry for Christmas.

9. Gulmarg: Tourists in huge numbers flock to Kashmir to enjoy Christmas and New year. As there is heavy snowfall here, the tourism administrators are expecting a large number of tourists to visit the winter wonderland. As Gulmarg is the top winter tourist and adventure destination of south Asia, tourists come to enjoy Christmas and new year every year. Gulmarg is a very popular ski destination and is home to several winters activities, even tho the temperatures dip to -15 degrees Celcius. There is a well-decorated church in the middle of the meadow which gives a pleasant look to the onlookers. Meadow surrounded by mountains with has thick pine trees are something you can find here in Gulmarg. Fun that never ends, what more could one desire from a dream destination to celebrate Christmas this season. The only church in the area is always ready to welcome all the guests to sing ‘merry Christmas’ in a choir.

10. Ooty: Planning to have a good Christmas vacation off the charts and go to the chilly place with greenery around? Don’t let this winter go by without taking your family to this great destination. Ooty in December is a perfect choice for a family getaway as it has something for everyone. that comes here. Winter is the peak tourist season with tourists coming from places far away to enjoy the chills in the breeze here. Chances of getting sunlight are low as the days are usually foggy or cloudy or both. The maximum temperature in Ooty in December is 22° and the maximum temperature is 9°

5 things To Do In Ooty In December

1: Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train – Ride around the beautiful place with the lush greenery.

2: Higginbothams Book Store – A place of peace

3: Catherine Waterfall – Have a bath here

4:Ooty Lake – Have a good tour

5:Dolphin’s Nose – Meditation

Ooty is a destination for some of the best adventure activities around. You can track hike, angle, camp, cycle, with your family and friends here in December. You need to make sure that you are fully covered when you opt for any of the activities in December month as the climate is too cold You can opt for boating either in Ooty Lake or Pykara Lake. There are plenty of boats available according to your wish you can opt for. There is a church here named as old Ooty church where you can listen to mass and hear some carols here too and spend the auspicious day of Christmas.

Christmas is yet another reason for holidays and to spend quality time with family & friends but not everyone out there is aware of the places in India that celebrates Christmas but we are here to help you with the best. Before that let us let you something else as well that you can do this Christmas.

There are so many things one does during Christmas some of which are:

  1. Baking cookies which they later can share with family, friends and neighbours of course.
  2. Can decorate a beautiful Christmas tree with the whole family.
  3. Invite friends & family over for dinner and sing carols.
  4. Can spend or even have a sleepover around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree.
  5. Christmas can be the perfect time to donate something to the ones in need and cannot celebrate the festival due to lack of something or the other.
  6. Can give handmade gifts to your dear ones.
  7. Last but not the least, you can start with either being grateful to someone who helped you in need, forgive someone who did wrong or ask for forgiveness if you went wrong somewhere. Christmas sets a whole different mood so having positive mindset towards everything will take you places.

Apart from this one can also enjoy watching a Christmas Movie, Hang the Mistletoe, Send Christmas Cards, String Yard and Home Decorations etc.

Some of the top places those that are known and tops the list where you can go and enjoy this Christmas season are:

11. Daman and Diu: The union territory of Daman and Diu, under Portuguese rule until 1961, is home to richly historic churches. St. Paul’s Church, a Portuguese Baroque structure dating to 1610, in the town of Diu holds a very popular midnight mass which will be a uniquely memorable way to spend Christmas Eve. Both Daman and Diu, though separated by over 600 kilometers (373 miles), preserve a unique cultural legacy of Portuguese rule in India—which includes an explosion of light, color, laughter, song, and dance during Christmas.

12. Dadra and Nagar Haveli: The union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, unfortunately, do not register as a potential Christmas location but has real potential to become a major haven for the same. A visit to the place in December will show you how magnificently Christmas is celebrated in this union territory. The exciting part of its celebrations is that there is a mix of tribal celebrations to it which is very intriguing. There are also a few beautiful churches that are meticulously decorated, and one can attend the holy mass services in the evenings which are held in great festive spirit and fervor.

13. Bhubhaneshwar: Originally known as the ‘temple city of India’ Bhubaneshwar is also one of the excellent places to visit during Christmas in India. One can visit the church and attend various events that are held on the eve of Christmas. the whole city is drenched in celebration and gaiety. Churches are lit with spectacular lights and adorned with decorations. Church of Christ is the best place to celebrate Christmas in Bhubhaneshwar. Apart from this, one can attend Christmas events and parties all around the city.

14. Madurai: If you visit Tamil Nadu during Christmas, then you should head to Madurai for the celebrations. the city is Tamil Nadu looks amazing during the festive time. The beautiful churches in Madurai are decorated well and masses and prayers are held for the Christians. You could visit the church and enjoy the festivities with the people of Madurai. Must visit the church in Madurai is St. Mary’s Cathedral.

15. Sikkim: Sikkim is aptly named amongst one of the best winter holiday destinations in India. Lofty Himalayan peaks, sparkling lakes, and crystal clear rivulets, all engulfed in the veils of snow, provide a much fascinating sight to the travelers and vacationers visiting the state during the freezing months of December and January. To this hypnotizing scenery, a dazzling aura of Christmas celebrations all around, simply add to the fun and excitement. Restaurants, pubs, and clubs on MG Road in Gangtok remain open till late evenings, offering festive dinners and drinks to the holiday-makers. Needless to say, this is the best time for honeymooners too, providing them an opportunity to not only bask in the awe-inspiring beauty of the place but, also to witness in real-life, the unmatched festive aura of a hill station that otherwise they would have only seen in pictures and movies.

16. Lansdowne: For those scouting for someplace to celebrate Christmas away from the maddening crowd, Lansdowne is known as one of the best places in India to celebrate Christmas. Unspoiled and pristine, Lansdowne offers that much-needed break you have been craving from your busy everyday life. And what better occasion than Christmas to take that break! Head to this charming hill station with friends, family, or you’re beloved and celebrate Christmas with some bonfire, music, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and gift exchanges.

17. Delhi: Delhi in December sees lots of opportunities for celebrations. Along with the pleasant weather of the city, there is a substantial festivity in the air with everyone feeling happy about welcoming a new and fresh year. Markets and shopping malls are decorated with attractive decorative pieces and restaurants go more creative on their menus. The festive period in Delhi witnesses arrangements of many beautiful celebrations in December targeting Christmas Eve and New Year. 

Some places you can visit are Pullman & Novotel New Delhi Aerocity, Privee, Junkyard Cafe, Auro cafe & Bar, etc. 

18. Hyderabad: One could look forward to amazing Christmas parties, brunches – from clubs to 5-star hotels and from restaurants to open-air venues. You could find workshops and even camping events themed during the festive season! Parties would pop up all over Hyderabad – Jubilee Hills, Gachibowli, Banjara Hills, Necklace Road, Film Nagar, Hitech City, and more. Another good way to spend Christmas Eve is to attend a midnight mass with hymns and carols to celebrate the birth of Christ. You could attend the mass at any of the numerous churches in Hyderabad. Head over to the vintage St. George’s Church at King Koti Road or the St. Joseph’s Cathedral at Gun Foundry. In Secunderabad, Christmas would be memorable in the Millenium Methodist Church and All Saints Church. 

19. Kolkata: Kolkata Christmas Festival, held annually during December in Kolkata on Park Street, Kolkata, is one of the largest dedicated Christmas carnivals in India. The themed lighting starts from St Xavier’s College and ends at Jawaharlal Nehru Road. Every December, The Kolkata Christmas Festival lights up the bustling Park Street. Themed decorations take to the streets, while twinkling LED ornaments sparkle after sundown. The streets chime in harmonious carols, while a beautiful Christmas tree decked in baubles awaits at the end of Allen Park.

20. Bangalore: In recent times, Bangalore has been aspiring for an eco-friendly Christmas.  Thus, most items including the Christmas tree have eco-friendly alternatives. Innovative home decor made of old fabric and recycled cardboards are successfully replacing the older more expensive options. These products can be made at home and prove to be very cost-effective and environment friendly. Thus, more and more environmentally conscious homes are considering these options. The markets in Bangalore are thronged with people eager to buy gifts, decorations, and other festive items. There are special bazaars held at various places where people also sell homemade food and decoration items. Shops and streets are decorated with traditional colored decorations giving a perfect look for a colorful Christmas.  On Infantry Road, Safina Plaza is especially famous for its decorative items and unique Christmas gifts.