Top five Reasons To Visit Port Blair


Port Blair is the main capital of Andaman Nicobar Island. Port Blair is the main entry point for all the Islands. It connects to the North Andaman places of Rangat, Diglipur, Bharatpur, and Mayabundar. Picturesque the clear crystal water and trekking in the friendly environment. This place presents the olden time’s history of independence. Port Blair tour is an excellent place to explore history, culture, and vegetation. You can visit this place throughout the three year season. Mostly best time to visit in the summer season and winter months October to May. Places to visit in Port Blair are Marina Park, Forest Museum, Chidiya Tapu, Island, Jolly Buoy, Ross Island, and other near islands.

Murugan Temple

Murugan Temple located in Port Blair. It is among the biggest pilgrimage site of the Andaman islands. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is famous for its splendid Dravidian architecture. Explore the grand festival during your journey. Don’t miss to eat delicious mouthwatering vegetation or the non – vegetation patter near the complex. They offer different culture food.

Chidiya Tapu

Situated around 25 km from Port Blair. Chidiya Tapu presents a gleaming sunset view. It is also known as Bird Island. The tapu offers an amazing overview of the Andaman coastline. The place offers 40 different varieties of regional birds. Nearly Munda Pahar Beach on Chidiya Tapu mostly enjoyed by visitors for a picnic. Stroll around beautiful star corals and seashells.

Marina Park & Aquarium

Marina Park & Aquarium is a park with an aquarium. It offers a home to 350 different species of fish and other creatures like crabs, turtles, and sharks. The place is idle for kids to enjoy. Try the amazing speedboat ride towards the North Bay and Ross Island.

Forest Museum

The museum situated near the outskirts of Port Blair. Located around 10 km distance from Port Blair. It consists of a variety of trees. The Museum is mainly maintained by the Forest Department. It also contains a small zoological garden and a mini zoo to explore.

Samudrika Marine Museum

Cellular jail is popularly known as “Kala Pani” (black water), it was used by the British to imprison political prisoners. This jail is one of the live examples that remind us of the existence of that era. It is a place which is must visit place among all travelers.Explore Port Blair by booking Andaman Tour Package.

Port Balir is the capital of Andaman which have verious visiting options. The Cellular jail at port Blair which was built in 1906, depicts the british rule and lifestyle.

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