South India fundamentally comprises of four states Andhra  pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala. It likewise comprise of union regions of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, involving 19.31% of India’s range. Agriculture is the considerable contributing factor in its development and now IT innovation is turning into a  developing industry of south India. South Indian tour is going to  be a best experience with the right blend of culture, entertainment  and the mesmerizing tourist spots. You cannot cover the whole  south India within a week or two. Planning is the key to enjoy  your south Indian trip to the fullest. Check out the website of Getz destinations to select your perfect south India tour packages from  our comprehensive inventory. Our expert travel consultants are  here to assist in every steps of your trip. Some of the best places to be included in the south Indian trip are: 

Chennai: The city prevalently viewed as the ‘Portal toward the  South’ is one of the must visit cities in Tamilnadu.  

Kanchipuram: Kanchipuram, the city of thousands of temples is  one of the seven holy cities of Hindus, it was the capital of the  early Cholas as far back as the second century BC. Aside from  sanctuaries, the city is likewise well known for its silk weavers.  

Tanjore – The is home to the most enjoyed Carnatic music,  musical instruments, move and handicrafts, Tanjore (Thanjavur)  is celebrated for the Brahadeeswarar Temple. The Art Gallery and  the Saraswati Mahal Library are likewise the best spots to visit in  Tanjore.  


Bangalore, often known as the ‘Garden City,’ combines a rich  cultural legacy with modernity. Bangalore, India’s south Indian 

capital, is the best for experience both. The pleasant climatic  scenario ensures a pleasant stay, making your journey worthwhile.  The city is a traveller’s paradise, with everything from amusement  parks to historic structures. Bangalore, the IT hub of India, holds  the record for hosting the biggest parties in India. Bangalore has  never lost its enthusiasm for celebrations. Despite age, gender, and job, everyone celebrates to the fullest in Bangalore. Let us take a  look at some of the top tourist attractions in Bangalore that reflects the city’s rich history and pride. 

Best time to visit Bangalore

October to February are the winter months in Bangalore and is the  best to visit the city to enjoy it to the fullest. March to May is also  pleasant enough to plan a trip.

Top 5 places to visit in Bangalore

Bangalore Palace 

Bangalore Palace is one of the top tourist attractions in  Bangalore. The interior of the fascinating palace has arches,  turrets, of Tudor-style architecture, and lush gardens, as well as  fine wood carvings. It is still where the royal family resides now. 

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden 

Lal Bagh botanical park is one of the most gorgeous spots in  Bangalore, if not the entire country. Tipu Sultan later modified  Haider Ali’s garden, which he had built. A glass house, inspired by London’s Crystal Palace, is included in the garden, which is the  prime attraction of the spot.

Nandi Hills 

Nandi Hills, one of Bangalore’s most prominent viewpoints, is one of the city’s most popular spots to visit for couples. It was later  named after the famed Nandi Temple, which was located at the top of the hill, with rivers Arkavathi and Palar emanating from the hill area. 

Ulsoor Lake 

The scenic Ulsoor lake is one of the city’s most popular  attractions. The lake, which was built by Kempegowda II, has  boating facilities by the Karnataka State Tourism Development  Corporation. A walking circuit around the lake is one of the many  sights to see in Bangalore. 

Vidhana Soudha 

The Garden City’s Vidhana Soudha is a well-known sight.  Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation stone in 1951. The country’s  largest legislative structure, Cubbon Park and Vidhana soudha are  all located near to each, which allows travellers to explore both  prominent Bangalore tourist attractions at the same time. 


Goa is India’s best tourist destination because of its exotic beaches and southern culture. Goa’s beach front resorts, delectable seafood, and exhilarating vibe are unrivalled. Check out our Goa tour  packages to enjoy the Goan spirit as you relax on the white sand  beaches with your loved ones, counting the stars. With the 

guidance of our skilled travel experts, choose from our Goa  honeymoon packages and plan the most unforgettable moments  of your life. 

Best time to visit Goa– October to February 

How to reach Goa– You can easily reach Goa by flight or train, and  Dabolim Airport is just 29km away from major towns. Places to visit in Goa – Dudhsagar waterfalls, Bhagwan, Mahaveer  Sanctuary, Mollem National Park, Monkey Beach, Mormugao  Fort, Japanese Garden, St Andrew’s Church. 


Ooty, nestled in the lovely hills of Nilgiri, is the ideal location for a  South Indian vacation. The ideal climate and attractions for a  pleasant escape in the lush green splendour of Tamil Nadu’s  interior villages are found in Ooty. 

How to reach Ooty – The nearest airport is in Coimbatore, which  is 88 kilometres away, while the nearest rail station is in  Mettupalayam, which is 40 kilometres away. 


Kerala, one of India’s most popular tourist destinations, combines  the traditional beauty of a traditional state with the best natural  wonders of the world. You’ll find nature, canals, beautiful beaches, gorgeous backwaters, charming hills, rich culture and tradition,  handicraft, and much more in Kerala. For the best taste of God’s  own country, have a look at our Kerala tour packagesKerala is  known for its palm-lined beaches, enchanting backwaters,  stunning Western Ghats, and relaxed environment. Do you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Kerala is the best  for that. Kerala, on India’s tropical Malabar Coast, boasts some of 

India’s most beautiful villages. Alleppey and Munnar are two of  Kerala’s most popular destinations for a memorable vacation.  Alappuzha is one of India’s most popular honeymoon spots. Your  journey will be made even more memorable by the famous  houseboats and delectable Kerala cuisine during a visit to  Allappey. For a best vacation in the land of coconuts, visit our  website and book your favourite Kerala tour package.  Considering all the factors and offerings of Kerala, the gods own  country. Get ready for an amazing trip to one of India’s most  beautiful places.  

Best time to visit Kerala-The best time to visit Kerala is September  to March, as the weather is cool and pleasant, and summer will  begin in March. Plan your trip before so that you can enjoy a calm and blissful journey. 

How to reach Kerala – The major airports in Kerala are located in  three districts, Kannur, Kozhikode, and Kochi. All three airports  connect Kerala with all major domestic and international cities.  

Kerala has the most delicate rail network in India, and All-districts in Kerala has at least two railheads. It will be easy for you to  commute inside Kerala. 


The palm-backed beaches of Kovalam are one of the best beaches in Kerala and most visited too. Kovalam is the best getaway for one who is looking for all the beauty of a beach with energizing Ayurvedic healing. 

How to reach Kovalam beach – Trivandrum railway station and Airport is just 20 km away from Kovalam. Taxis, cabs, auto-rickshaws, etc. will be available at every corner of the city.

Places to visit in Kovalam – Houseboat Ride, Adventure Sports,  Catamaran ride, German bakery, Vizhinjam Village, Vellayani  Lake, Lighthouse beach. 


Apart from Munnar, the enchanting Wayanad is another hill  station that adds to Kerala’s natural beauty. Wayanad boasts mind blowing waterfalls, caverns, lakes, and dams, making it the ideal  site for a relaxing vacation. The road trip to Wayanad will be the  best you’ve ever had; spotted dears, monkeys, and majestic Bisons will greet you as you make your way to Wayanad, the home of the  Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. 

How to reach Wayanad – Calicut International Airport is the closest Airport to Wayanad which is at 87 km and the closest railway station is Nilambur which is 54 km away. There is a direct bus service to Wayanad from all major cities in Kerala. 

Must visit places and activities in Wayanad -Banasura Sagar Dam, Kuruva Island, Edakkal Caves, Neelimala Viewpoint, Pookode  Lake, Camping, Thirunelli temple, Vythiri Village Resort Stay,  Cycling, TreeHouse Stay. 


Andaman is without a doubt one of India’s most popular beach  destinations, with stunning marine life. Andaman is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. Visit Andaman for experiencing the  beauty of turquoise sea kissing white sand beaches. Andaman is  never a poor choice for a real wanderlust. Getz Destinations has  the best Andaman tour package in-store, with breath-taking beach  moods, hypnotic walks through the forests, majestic British  architecture, and exquisite accommodations.

Best time to visit Andaman for honeymoon– October to May is the  perfect time to visit Andaman, and climate will be at its best  during these months. 

How to reach Andaman – Direct flights are operating from New  Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai to Port Blair. 

Activities to try in Andaman 


Snorkelling is a fantastic option to explore the undersea realm and marine life if you are not a good swimmer. Snorkelling, which is usually done in shallow water depths with half of your body above the water. 

Scuba diving 

Scuba diving is for those who need a bit more thrilling experience of the marine life going into the depths of the densest ecosystem of coral reefs of Andaman. It is one of the most popular water sports activities in the world and Andaman will be the best to enjoy a safe and thrilling diving session. 

Jet ski 

Racing on the roads is for kids. Go for some fun splash in the blue-green waters of Andaman and bring out the wanderlust in you. The price for jet ski is very low compared to other water sports activities, the whole family can enjoy jet skiing in Andaman with ease on a low budget.


Andaman is famous for the beach vibes that it offers but it has a range of treks that will be very thrilling which you should not miss on your Andaman trip. Madhuban which is just 20 km away from Port Blair is the best spot for you to go for a trek in Andaman.