Paradise, Peace, Silence, and Tranquility at one spot? Come and put in a couple of hours at Pangong Lake! An immaculate spot in Ladakh set apart by inconspicuous to high tops around, gem blue waters and the tremendous extension grabs the attention so much, since assuming an enchantment is occurring directly before the eyes.

Pangong Lake, otherwise called Pangong Tso, lies serenely at an amazing height of 14,270 feet. Strangely, the lake is 12 km long and marks itself between the laps of India and China. Somewhat, 60% of the part is extending in the adjoining country and this invigorates each explorer to be here.

The dreamlike clean blue waters are harsh or pungent and this component doesn’t allow any amphibian life to get by in something similar. Also, the temperature range between – 30 to – 10 degrees makes even this pungent lake freeze with thick ice sheets, which is very inverse in the event of salt-ridden water bodies.

This pleasant scene area upgrades its excellence with the appearance of moving birds consistently and draws in numerous explorers looking for experience, photos, bird-watching, and chilling experiences. Pangong has another one-of-a-kind and infectious element; when it behaves like a chameleon and changes its tone from blue to green to try and dim now and again. The saline water of Pangong draws in the transitory birds consistently during winters in Ladakh.

There is certainly not a solitary motivation to deny this magnificence once in a blue moon. Also assuming you wish to rehash it, it’s a gift!

Best Time To Visit Pangong Lake:

It is astonishing to encounter the excellence of Pangong in long stretches of May September. In the remainder of the months, winters turn brutal and get a thick layer of the frozen sheet. However, the admirers of normal excellence visit the spot even in winters to stroll over the lake and make their dream life.

Route 1: Leh to Pangong Tso via Chang La

Leh – Shey – Karu -Sakti – Chang La -Durbuk – Tangste – Lukung – Spangmik – Pangong Tso

This direct and shortest route towards Pangong lake from Leh takes you to a 6-7 hour journey via Shey, Karu, and Sakti and mid-way to Chang La Pass. Amongst them, Shey is nearly 15 km from Leh and has a major attraction as Shey monastery and Shey Palace which is located nicely at the hilltop. 

Moreover, Shey used to be the summer capital of Ladakh in ancient times. Now the palace is lying in ruins but still, two festivals take place here every year. At the monastery, one can observe the tall and calm structure of Shakyamuni Buddha along with colorful and catchy murals.

Moving ahead, at a distance of 23 km from here, you get to meet a small village Karu, where small shops, tea stalls, and food joints are present. Moving towards Sakti, a drive of a mere 9 km has to be done. You can visit Takthok monastery here which attracts even from a faraway distance. A certain sect of Buddhist Lamas reside here and make this gloomy location look livelier.

After this, a major stopover can be recorded at Chang La. Chang La can be reached in another 1-hour drive (34 km) and interestingly, it is the third highest motor-able road in the world at an altitude of 17,590 ft. Here, you can take another stopover from your magnificent Ladakh road trip to click pictures and make videos of the beautiful scenery around. Enjoy some hot black tea at Army camp here.

From here, the road gets a little messy while driving to Durbuk but later on smoothes up. At Tangste, you can find many shops and hotels once again to sip another pack of tea or coffee and calm the body from the cold climate. From here, drive for another few hours or 58 km to catch Spangmik village. This village is known for multiple camps that offer a view of the lake very well. Another 1.5-2 hours drive from here makes you reach Pangong where you can relish the beauty of your ultimate destination.

Highway 2: Leh to Pangong Tso through Nubra Valley

This course isn’t taken by numerous voyagers because of longer driving long periods of around 13 hours and sluggishness one may get. Yet, fans who need to add Nubra Valley and other significant attractions like Diskit and Tathok to their agenda during a short snap and deal with their time, take this course without a doubt.

The course has another region:

  1. Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake through Wari La:

(Diskit/Panamik – Khalsar – Agham – Tangyar – Wari La – Tathok – Sakti – Chang La – Durbuk – Tangste – Lukung – Spangmik)

From Leh, when you take the way to Diskit, you want to drive for something like 4 hours to cover 116 km. Here, Diskit cloister, the most seasoned and biggest of Nubra valley is hanging tight for you. Most likely, it will entrance anybody with its grandness and excellence of 32 meters tall Buddha, shaded divider painting, and interesting design on the ridge.

Go through a little town area named Khalsar, Agham, and Tangyar later and cover one more significant part of your excursion.

Getting through Wari La, perhaps the most troublesome pass is an experience all alone.

Next, you will arrive at Takthok where the Takthok cloister will wave at you from far hillocks. The rest of the course exceeds everyone’s expectations as examined previously.

The distance of the entire course isn’t more than 250 km yet covering them can be minimal furious because of rough streets, steep ways, and part of breaks one needs to play with during the movement hours.

We would recommend that you will cover this course alongside attractions by partitioning it into a time allotment of 2 days.

It is likewise best encouraged to begin this excursion promptly in the first part of the day, take appropriately referenced licenses with your name referenced so the Indian Army doesn’t deject you, and convey spare fuel as you may not pass any petroleum siphons on the way.