Best Things To Do In Ladakh One Must Experience In 2022!

Published Date : January 7, 2022

Ladakh has long been a proud destination. Reaching the summit with one of our Ladakh tour packages will give you the right to brag about your strength and bravery. Over the years, many visitors from all over the country and the world have come to view the epic rustic Himalayas with their beautiful heavenly vista. Winding roads, spectacular rugged valleys, and mountains with a soothing gorgeous view, as well as a diversified cultural life and legacy, have all contributed for the places to become best honeymoon place in Ladakh.  From breath-taking landscapes to awe-inspiring skies, Ladakh trip for couple have it all, Ladakh is not only known for its adventure, but it is also the ideal location for a romantic honeymoon. The best-selling Ladakh trip for couples from Delhi provides you some of the greatest experiences in India’s highest mountain ranges. The newlyweds will have a wonderful vacation in the Himalayan foothills with Getz destinations experiencing the utmost care and service quality.  Ladakh is recognised for its Buddhist temples, thrilling adventure activities, the highest mountain passes in the world, and, of course, some of the most beautiful festivals. Some of the top trekking and camping spots in Ladakh include Stok Kangri, Chadar, Tso Moriri, and Markha Valley. The joy and excitement of every adventure, as well as a fascinating honeymoon, are all included in our packages.

For any real traveller, a bike ride to Leh and Ladakh must be a dream come true. Riding your bike across Leh’s rugged, uneven terrain will give you the adrenaline rush you’ve always wanted. Check out the website to find out how much a bike journey from Delhi to Ladakh would cost and make plans accordingly. Khardung La is the location to go if you want to travel to some magnificent and unexplored scenery. With us, you can customise a broad choice of Delhi to Leh Ladakh bike tour packages and have an exciting ride through the highlands.

Ladakh the traveller’s paradise has got a plethora of interesting places to visit. All the mesmerizing top places in Ladakh offer a range of thrilling activities for you to indulge in. Some of the Top Things to do in Leh Ladakh are visiting the enthralling tourist spots itself. Ladakh has got a range of places which are closely linked with the biodiversity. Some of the must visit places and activities in Ladakh are Hemis Festival Hemis National Park, Hunder,  Khardungla Pass, Yak Cheese, Buddhist Monks, Hemis Monastery, Adventurous Roads, Hot Butter Tea, Old School Mills, Spituk Gompa Trek, Zanskar Valley Tour, Tso Moriri, Magnetic Hill, Namgyal Tsemo Monastery, Lamayuru, Chadar Trek, Local Food, Nubra Valley, Donkey Sanctuary, Drang Drung Glacier, Chemrey Monastery, Shanti Stupa, Gurudwara Pathhar Sahib, Main Bazaar, Pangong Tso, Ladakh Harvest Festival, Matho Nagrang Festival, Stok Palace Museum, Hall Of Fame, Zorawar Fort, River Rafting, Leh Palace Camping, Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, Cycling

 When you plan a trip to Ladakh never forget to visit Thiksey monastery. The monastery is located around 20 kilometres north of Leh, on the Indus River. The Gelukpa Order of Buddhism established Thiksey Monastery. This Thiksey monastery contains the Lakhang Nyerma Temple, which is devoted to Goddess Dorje Chenmo. There are a few additional shrines within this monastery besides Lakhang Nyerma. The Gustor ceremony was held in Thiksey Gompa as part of Ladakhs cultural festivals. The sacred mask dance is also done during this event, which is commemorated every year by Ladakh bike tour packages. The Maitreya Buddha statue is likely to be the most photographed future Buddha statue. The experience is one of a kind; always remember to attend the festivals in the monastery during your visit.

Some devotional experience during an adventurous trip is quite reasonable. Ladakh has got Gurudwara Pathar Sahib for that. Gurudwara Pathar Sahib is taken care of by the lamas and the Indian army. Locals claim that Guru Nanak was travelling from Srinagar to Punjab in the 15th century. He decided to stop at this same site in Ladakh, which was said to be ruled by a demon, one night. Guru Nanak was enlisted by the locals to assist them. The devil became enraged and tossed a boulder at Him while meditating. The boulder rolled down towards Guru Nanak, and as it came into contact with his back, it transformed into soft wax, becoming the shape of his back. The demon became enraged and attempted to kick the boulder with his foot once more, only to discover his foot imprinted on the rock. This alerted the devil to Guru Nanak’s spiritual abilities, and he quickly apologised. All these visits to the pilgrimage and other exciting places are the best things to do in Ladakh.

Apart from visiting the historic places, there are tons of best activities to do in Ladakh. Rafting on the Zanskar River is one of the best thrilling activities to do in Ladakh. In Ladakh, river rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports. The Indus waters in Ladakh not only provide a unique rafting experience, but they also pass past stunning scenery, monasteries, and communities.  Rafting trips on the Zanskar River are fantastic. This location, often known as the Grand Canyon of India, contains steep cliff-like canyons in some areas. Ladakh offers grade one to grade four rapids, with several rafting options based on the season, personal physical fitness, expense, and experience.

A drive to Khardung La pass will never be boring if you are in Ladakh. It is going to be the best activity you will ever experience in the highlands. The Khardung La was constructed in 1976; the pass offers some mind blowing Beautiful views of the Karakoram Range and the Himalayas.  Adventurers, peace seekers, and mountain bikers will love the Khardung La pass. Tourists must get an Inner Line Permit in order to access and exit the pass. The Khardung La pass is blocked from October to May because to severe rains and snowfall. Magnetic hill is another wondrous place that you can visit in Ladakh. When vehicles are parked at the designated spot on Ladakh’s Magnetic Hill, they defy gravity and move upwards on the hill. To witness this phenomenon, park in the yellow box a few metres ahead of the Magnetic Hill road in neutral gear, it will accelerates up from this point on. Many theories had come forward supporting this phenomenon. Many believed this as an optical illusion and many as the effect of magnetic field of the hills. These are some of the best places and activities you can try in Ladakh during your trip. Ladakh is a destination for enthusiasts, conquering the height will be the best experience you are going to have on this trip. Prepare your mind to have some amazing experience in one of the toughest terrains of India.


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