A complete travel guide to Diskit, Ladakh in 2022

Published Date : January 20, 2022
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Diskit is a significant town in Ladakh’sNubra area. It is a renowned tourist location, located around 118 kilometres from Leh and 7 kilometers from Hunder. Diskit, situated on the banks of the Shyok River, offers a variety of homestay and guest house alternatives that are available all year. Check out our website for the best Ladakh tour Packages choose your ideal one for a mesmerizing Diskit Tour. Diskit is famous for the Diskit Monastery, which is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Ladakh. The Diskit Monastery, also known as Diskit Gompa or Diskit Gompa, is the oldest and most significant Buddhist monastery in Ladakh’sNubra Valley. It is a Tibetan Buddhist sect known as the Gelugpa. The 106-foot Maitreya Buddha statue is located right below the monastery, making Diskit Monastery a popular tourist destination in the Nubra Valley. The milky white Diskit Gompa is perched atop a steep hill on the side of a road that connects Parthapur and Those. You must trek up to the monastery, passing through the beautiful white Chortens. The people of this area are a combination of Buddhists and Muslims. Most of the Buddhist inhabitants are in the eastern, close to the Chinese boundary, while the more significant Islamic inhabitants are in the northern and western regions. Buddhist locations are significant destinations for visitors to take pleasure from. Ladakh is not as simple as you think. The harsh terrains through the highlands demand hundred per cent confidence and courage to conquer it. Our travel experts are here to assist with each step. Check out our website for the best Diskit tour package.

Best time to visit Diskit 

The best time to visit Diskit is from May to October when the weather is at its best. Take your family to Diskit during this period of the year with Getz destinations, and make your trip an evergreen one in the laps of the Himalayas.

How to reach Diskit

Leh is the nearest airport to Diskit, located at 114km. The nearest railhead is at Jammu. State-run buses serve on this route twice a week, but it is not advised to depend on the bus service alone; you can hire a taxi from Leh. If you plan a budget trip to Diskit, you can get a shared taxi.

Inner line permit

An Inner Line Permit (for Indian nationals) or a Ladakh Protected Area Permit (for foreign nationals) is necessary when entering any remote area in the Ladakh region. Permits can be obtained over the internet, and you can also get them at the TIC Office in Leh.


Mobile network coverage is poor in the Ladakh region. In Leh, only BSNL and Airtel provide network access, only on a post-paid basis. BSNL is the only network provider in Diskit. It is suggested to visit Diskit using a BSNL post-paid SIM card.

Medical facility 

There are some local health centers for some primary care in Diskit, and it’s advised to take a basic first-aid kit with you. The army’s presence in the region is also beneficial to visitors since you may contact them for assistance during any emergency.

 Top 10 things to note before your Diskit Trip

  • Not every cell phone networks work at such an altitude. Get a post-paid or prepaid sim card. BSNL could come in handy right now.
  • Carry some cash with you because ATMs and card machines are not available everywhere. Don’t spoil your trip searching for ATMs.
  • Remember to pack warm clothes. The temperature might fall, and it won’t be easy to survive without proper dressing.
  • Carry all the essential documents with you. Always keep a Valid Id ready.
  • Stick to native cuisine as it is delicious and healthy.
  • Get some rest before your trip. The Ladakh trip is going to be adventurous and tiring as well.
  • Connectivity is a big problem in high altitudes. Be ready for that. The trip is going to be a social media-free one.
  • Remember to carry some additional batteries for your camera.
  • Always be socially aware. Keep hospitals, petrol pumps, garages, etc., in the eye.
  • Share your ride to save money and for a better experience in Diskit.

     Things to carry for Diskit trip

Always make sure that all the essential kinds of stuff are packed before you start your Ladakh trip. Ladakh is located in the northernmost end of India, and it will be a bit difficult to find stores selling some goods. We advise you to keep some important things handy so that you can enjoy the highlands to the fullest. You should never forget to pack important medicines, packed foods, water, and important electronics. Here are the things you should not forget to pack on your Ladakh trip. Go through our checklist and make sure you pack things important for you.

Remember to pack these items for your Diskit trip

  • Moove or iodex
  • Dettol to clean any wounds that may occur during treks.
  • Tablets for Headache
  •  Band-Aids
  •  Imodium
  •  Tablets for Stomach ache
  •  Sunscreen Lotion – lotions with SPF 30 or above are advised.
  •  Vaseline – it will keep your skin moisturized.
  •  Gloves for bikers
  •  Muffler
  •  Caps
  •  Water and Windproof jackets are advised
  •  Jackets
  •  Pullovers
  •  Sweaters
  •  Woolen socks
  • Light trouser
  •  t-shirt
  •  Glucose
  •  Torch with extra cells
  •  Knife
  •  Water bottle
  •  Face wash
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  •  Tissue
  •  Moisturizer
  •  Map of Ladakh
  •  Medical Insurance
  •  Important contacts
  • Charger for phone, laptop, camera, etc.
  • Extra battery if you have any for your camera as in cold envy batteries die quickly.
  • Carry enough memory cards for your camera.

Top 3 places to visit near Diskit

Diskit Gompa

The Diskit Monastery, also known as Diskit Gompa or Diskit Gompa, is the oldest and most significant Buddhist monastery in Ladakh’sNubra Valley. It is a Tibetan Buddhist sect known as the Gelugpa. The 106-foot Maitreya Buddha statue is located right below the monastery, making Diskit Monastery a popular tourist destination in the Nubra Valley.

Shyok Valley

The Shyok Valley is home to the Shyok River, sometimes known as the Death River. Most likely bestowed by Central Asian traders who perished ages ago while attempting to travel this dangerous path. The Karakoram region in the north contains several names relating to death. This was clearly a part of the historic trade route from Central Asia to Ladakh, where many died, and only the toughest survived, explore such historic places with us. Check out our website for more details.

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is a very picturesque destination that should be visited during your trip to Ladakh. It lies towards the northern part of Leh and is nestled at a good height of over 5500 m. Nubra Valley tour organized by Getz destinations will cover all the major tourist spots in and around Nubra valley. It is believed that it was once covered by icy glaciers and rivers, which have, over time, dried up or faded away into oblivion.

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