Kerala is known for the best of vacation destinations and for having the most places to visit which also includes some of the best adventure activities as well. The state is one of the cleanest so far and is known as the paradise of Ayurveda with the best of knowledge one has in terms of herbs and other related stuff. It ranks in most of the  highest ratios in the country, be it literacy rate, highest female to male ratio, highest gold consumption in the country and what not! Kerala is known to have the wealthiest Hindu temple in the world which is called as the Padmanabhaswamy temple which out of 1, 60, 650 temples present in the country is said to be the most popular amongst the visitors and tourists for the  gold and other precious stones present in the temple or which it is made of. It has loads of activities available which one can have fun with their family and friends. It is incredibly rich in culture and extreme traditional values, norms and even art forms such as dances, martial arts, music performances etc. There are various tour packages of Kerala from Delhi which the people can enjoy and make the most of as it includes sightseeing, accommodations and other fun segments included in it which of course makes the trip even beautiful. 

Kerala tour packages from Delhi:

There are various packages one can take up for themselves or their family & friends according to your budget and how many days one would plan to travel or stay in Kerala. A budget friendly tour package would cost somewhere around 12,000/- for a 3 nights 4 days stay but for a standard to luxury stay of 3 nights and 4 days would cost around 14-16,000/- approx depending on all the things that comes included in the package. There are more such packages which includes 5 nights and 6 days or even 9 nights and 10 days stay but costs more than usual which will be around 15-17,000/- minimum inclusive of taxes and other things that comes along in the package.

There are enough measures to reach Kerala which is either by train or flight and even by road. A road trip would take around 46 hours to travel all the way from Delhi to Kerala while the others would take a little less time and save more in our opinion. Choose wisely and spend each penny in the right manner!

There’s also adventure tourism in Kerala which features various fun activities some of which are: Paragliding, Mountain climbing, Cycling, Nature walking, Bamboo rafting, Camping out, Tree House Stay and much more. The culture in Kerala is a mix of both Indian and Dravidian. They perform great art such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, and Marital Art of Kalaripayattu. The state is considered as one of the safest tourist destinations in India and it bestowed with diverse flora and fauna. Tourists and visitors have the most of the state because of the people in the state believe in simplicity and originality and help all the people around who visit their state and are also known as very down to earth.

Apart from the tourism part, there are more such tour packages which includes Kerala tour package for family which might provide extra benefits or discounts on the tour packages that’ll be a little affordable than the rest. Kerala is a place one wouldn’t regret travelling to and neither will you, we are here always to help you find the right packages to your favourite destinations so that you can sit back and relax. Worth the read right??! Pack your bags because the trip will be worth MORE.