From having the most lush green valleys to the incredible natural beauty, Kashmir always stands out in everything possible. A trip to Kashmir is something one never regrets but will rather take home lots of memories of the glistening lakes, mountain peaks, temples and of course the amazing Mughal-era gardens which has inspired most of the poets through centuries. Kashmir is also known as the “Paradise on Earth” for its mesmerizing beauty that has been witnessed by the visitors and tourists. A trip of Kashmir will give you a lifetime experience of the most beautiful scenic views, plentiful wildlife, snow capped mountains, most generous people, and how can we forget about the local handicrafts which is actually bought by the people who visit Kashmir at least once.

Let us tell you about some of the most beautiful places you can visit and make the most of your Kashmir trip plan:

  • Srinagar: Known as the city of lakes has been attracting tourists from centuries for its fascinating backdrop, houseboats, Shikaras, Mughal architecture and much more! It is known as the ‘Venice of the East’ and even the ‘Paradise on Earth’ for its beauty and how it attracts visitors from all over the world.
  • Gulmarg: Considered as the heaven of Kashmir is moreover an hour’s drive from Srinagar. It is known as one of the most beautiful places in India. It was originally called as Gaurimarg by the shepherds and is very well recognised for the landscape, adventure sports, golf, trekking etc. This place was a favourite haunt of Emperor Jahangir. 
  • Kashmir Valley: Most of the population is concentrated in the valley as the centre of it lies Srinagar which is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Scenic mountains, lakes (Wulnar, Dal, Nagin), The fertile that  alluvial soil yields rice, fruit, vegetables, and the most amazing scenic mountain views that is found in the Kashmir valley is something that attracts the tourists from all over the world.
  • Kargil: A place where the war between India and Pakistan lasted for 60 days and caused heavy loss of life on both sides has a different impact for the ones who actually visit as Kargil holds a big place in the history and there’s a lot one can learn and obtain knowledge for themselves. For all the Kargil heroes there’s even a day when they are honoured which is known as Kargil Vijay Diwas, we salute all the heroes and so should you!
  • Leh, Ladakh: Known as “The Land of of High Passes” has the most beautiful snow capped peaks, blue clear skies, and of course meandering rivers with barren mountains. It is also known as a place which is very difficult for treks but bike lovers enjoy the journey to Ladakh as it has the rugged mountains. It is located in the region of Jammu and Kashmir and has beautiful Buddhist temples along with pristine environment. Being a strong influence of Tibetan Buddhism it is either known as Little Tibet or the Land of Lamas.
  • Pahalgam: Very famous for its scenic views and known as the jewel of the picturesque Liddar valley. One can enjoy hiking, fishing and other activities in Pahalgam. March to November os considered to be the best time to visit this place as the weather is good for any of the outdoor activities.
  • Pulwama: District that is famous for rice production and also known for its milk production which is the largest in the union territory. It is known as the “Anand of Kashmir”.  It has waterfalls, valleys, orchard of apples and springs which makes the place even more beautiful. There are various temples present in this place and it very well known for its high culture and beautiful scenic views. It also produces a large amount of saffron and apart from this there are various other activities such as snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, trekking and even mountaineering which one can absolutely enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed reading and knowing about so many beautiful places in Kashmir, do visit and don’t forget to click some great pictures with your family and friends. Last but not the least, prepare the budget for Kashmir trip according to the place you’re going to cover and follow all the Kashmir tour guidelines.