A beautiful yet natural splendour which is known as “Paradise on Earth” and is most famous for its scenic views, plentiful wildlife, exquisite monuments, hospitable people and much more. The snow-capped mountains can make you go awestruck and keep intrigued throughout your journey. The trip to Kashmir will also give you and your peers a keen knowledge to understand the unique culture that is painted in beautiful colours, which will have you going from Srinagar to Sonamarg and Gulmarg till Pahalgam. The trip of Kashmir and Jammu can teach people how beauty lies in simplicity and one can be mesmerized by the mythological importance these two places carry and can also enjoy the place which is very well known for the thick mountain ranges that are supposedly known as one of the most favourite tourist attractions. Along with mountain peaks, the Kashmir trip will make you enjoy its lush green valleys, glistening lakes, temples and spectacular Mughal-era gardens etc. The place is also known for being an inspiration to the poets through the centuries.

Kashmir is forever known as home to several amazing valleys some of which are: the Kashmir Valley, Chenab Valley, Sindh Valley, Ladder Valley and a few more alongside those that are as beautiful as these valleys. A good Kashmir trip planner can organize and explain a lot more things and places that are present in Jammu and Kashmir and those that are the main attraction of tourists as well as other people who visit. The place is also known for its oh so natural flower gardens, apple farms, unique handicrafts and the world-famous Kashmiri Shawls which is also known as one of the most favourite tourist attractions.

To give a brief about the time taken to travel, we can sum it up in short for all of you out there. Anybody who wants to travel Jammu and Kashmir separately, here’s a quick guide for you: Distance between Kashmir to Jammu by road is 263 km, Distance between Kashmir to Jammu by flight is 139 km, Travel Time by Kashmir to Jammu by Road is 9:38 hrs, Nearest Airport in Kashmir is Srinagar International Airport (33.88, 74.28), Nearest Airport in Jammu is Jammu Civil Enclave (32.73, 74.86). Kashmir is more or less a beauty itself but how can one forget the Landscapes present there which no one possibly sees in the chaotic cities. From the water streams that together create wonderful scenery to green meadows,
grasslands, dense forests and a lot to explore. Paradise has got a lot in store for each one of you.

If you and your close ones are amongst those that love and are huge fans of road trips then travelling Jammu and Kashmir won’t disappoint you even a bit. There’s a small guide that will help you to visit every place even if you’re on a road trip without spoiling even a bit of anything. You can drive from Srinagar to Pahalgam, Pahalgam- Duksum, Achabal, Kokernag, Martand Temple, Pahalgam, Lidderwatt Winter Hike, Drive from Pahalgam to Gulmarg,

Leisure Day at Gulmarg, Drive from Gulmarg to Dal Lake via Mughal Gardens, Drive from Dal Lake to Srinagar Airport.

Choose your location and we will help you reach the spectacular beauty, Kashmir.

People living in various parts of the country and states wish to come to Kashmir at least once a year to see its mesmerizing beauty but get confused as to where to start from and how. People from different parts of India have travelled to Kashmir but few still wonder how are one of them? Let us help you with it, be it from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune or even Kerala, the easiest mode of transport is either airways or by road but flights help more as it helps to reach faster and more conveniently and by road it takes a lot of hours to reach the destination. Our tour packages are something that will help you find the easiest ways of all to visit Jammu and Kashmir at its finest and will help you visit all the places and enjoy their beauty.

Some other information about the same:

Kerala: Apart from Air and Roadways, you can travel from Kerala to Srinagar by either taking a bus or train which will take approximately 2 days and around 19 hours more to reach the destination.

Mumbai: Easiest way will always be a flight but apart from that, you can take a train from Mumbai to Jaipur and then a bus to Jammu, which takes almost 38 hours to reach.

Chennai: A train named ANDAMAN EXPRESS will help you reach Jammu directly from Chennai and it will take almost 55 hours to reach the destination.

Delhi: Some prominent trains that operate from New Delhi are Jammu Tawi Rajdhani Express, Jammu Mail and Jammu Tawi Express (which is situated at a distance of about 330 km is the nearest railhead serving the beautiful valley of Kashmir).

Pune: There is no direct transport mode connectivity between Pune and Jammu. The cheapest mod to reach from Pune to Jammu is by train to Hazrat Nizamuddin, then bus to Jammu and it takes almost 41 hours the destination. The fastest way will still be booking a cab from Pune to Mumbai and a flight from Mumbai to Jammu Airport which will take almost 6 hours and 31 minutes.

Time is everything they say so let us help you know the best time to visit your destination:

If you want to enjoy Kashmir when the flowers are in full bloom and the alpine meadows are at their greenest, the best period can be between February to October. Considering it is the peak tourist season, it can be a little crowded during these months but of course, the fun remains the same. The right time of the year to visit this place will only help you to understand and see things in a better way as exploring such places is once in a year opportunity and we want you to make the most of it. Last but not the least, to be very precise about the months that you can visit Jammu are Kashmir will be February, March, April, July, August and October. Wish you all a great trip!