Solan Tourism

It is also known as ‘Mushroom City of India’ because there mushroom farming n large scale. We provide cheap honeymoon packages for Solan at affordable price. If you want
to feel spiritual than visit Solan and see Tibetan Monastery which is also known as Yungdung
Monastery in Solan. Gurkha fort is very popular and it is 300 years old fort. In Solan you can visit nearest
tourist destination such as
Barog (07 km),
Subathu (22 km),
Kiarighat (23 km),
And Kasuli (27 km).
There is a church in Solan which was built in British time and it is a historical church made up on of
stone and beautiful wood work. It was cantonment town during British rule. There is a cave close to the
top of mount Karol. People believe that it is the same cave of Pandavas from the Indian epic. You
can choose any package for Solan trip and get amazing service from Getz Destinations. We provide you best service because your happiness is important for us. Book your best tour packages for Solan and enjoy unlimited.

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