Gurkha Castles

Ever, one finds specify of the Gurkha rulers moreover. Gurkha’s picked up control over some royal conditions of Himanchal and ruled them until 1815, when British pushed them far from the district. Gurkha posts and mansions are reminiscent of their administration and frame a critical piece of the design legacy of the state. Book your best tour packageĀ  in Gurkha Castles.One can in any case discover these landmarks, some as yet remaining steadfast and some in ruins, in Bilaspur, Shimla, Sirmour and Solan locale, as confirmations of Gurkha nearness in the area.

Dhar Mountain Fort: Arranged over Dhar Mountain, at an elevation of around 7000 ft over the ocean level, Dhar Mountain Fort now stands for the most part in ruins. It is around 200 years of age and was worked to recognize the triumph of Gurkhas over the territory of Bhagat. The fundamental passageway of the fortress faces east and prompts a display like lobby, with a water tank in the middle. The upper story has a low roof, which was intended to enable the officers to battle the adversaries in acreeping position while being ensured against them. Toward the east of the third lobby is a dull oval formed room.

Malaon Castle: Malaon Castle, worked by Amar Singh Thapa, is arranged close Nalagarh, in Solan region. He assembled it as he progressed to extend his domain into the western slope states. In 1915, his Major General,Bhakti Thapa, was executed and crushed on account of the British Army, drove by Major General David Ochterlony. The Major at that point constrained Amar Singh Thapa to leave Ramgarh Fort and discover an asylum at Malaon Castle.

Gurkha Fort of Banasar: Another Gurkha Fort is arranged close to the town of Banasar, arranged at a separation of 22 km from the Kalka-Shimla National Highway. The Gurkha Fort of Banasar is over 150 years of age.

Gurkha Fort of Subathu: Gurkha Fort of Subathu is roughly 70 km from Malaon. One of its most prominent attractions include the guns that were once utilized at Malaon Fort. These guns are over 180 years of age and are currently utilized by the 14 Gurkha Training Center of the Indian Army. We provide cheap honeymoon package in Gurkha Castle and visit with your spouse.

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