Manali, the queen of Himachal, is one of the best places you can visit in India for making your vacation an unforgettable one in 2022. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Manali is a beautiful village for you to take your family, friends and loved ones for an amazing getaway. The blooming meadows, breath-taking valleys and captivating hills of Manali will bless you with some amazing experiences in the snow bedded valley. If you are looking for some fun and adventure along with a peaceful destination for this holiday, Manali is the right place for you. The majestic woods of Himachal will welcome you to the snow paradise the moment you climb the hills to Manali. Manali embellished with the early morning fogs, which gives it an ethereal appearance, is enough to please your eyes, and it is the best thing you can experience in the northern hills. A trip to Manali should be well planned. We cannot spoil such an amazing trip without much planning. We at Getz destinations have the expert team to give you the perfect guidance for handcrafting your dream trip. Just sit back and relax; we know how to take you there with a smile on your face. 

Most of our Manali tour departs from Delhi. The journey of a lifetime will begin from the great Delhi, mostly at night, so that blissful dawn will wake you up in the snow-capped hills of Manali. We provide a range of travel options for our valued clients. You can either go Manali by Volvo, tempo traveller, or private cab. Our Manali Volvo package is designed for those enthusiasts out there who wish to explore the land of snow in a luxurious Volvo which will depart from Delhi at night. Semi sleeper Volvos will be assigned to take you there with utmost care and quality. Don’t worry if you are in a group. Our group departures operate with tempo travellers, with ten to fifteen seats. If you are a group of ten, an entire tempo traveller will take you to Manali with all the assistance from our expert travel consultant. If you are a couple and you wish to travel in a private cab, our Manali private cab package is for you. Enjoy a wonderful ride to the snow paradise with your better half with all the luxury you wish to gift them. Any trip without proper planning might give some worst experiences. Getting into an unknown destination without much knowledge about the terrain and best places will end your trip with some bad impressions. It is better to take advice from someone who knows the place well, and no one can cross us in that case. Let us plan what to do in Manali. 

The drive to Manali either by Volvo or cab will be night-long. We will reach Manali the next day morning, and the very first thing to do is to give you some rest. A light long drive will be tiring. Your hotel, with all the amenities, will be all set to welcome you on your arrival; half-day is all yours. Make yourself comfortable and Take enough rest by having a scrumptious breakfast. Anything fresh to drink on your arrival will be great, right? We got you. You will be served your favourite drink at the hotel. We got a full day in hand after breakfast. You can visit the local markets and nearby attractions on this day. Strolling down the hills between the woods with your loved ones and exploring the blissful nature of Manali after visiting the local markets will be an experience of a kind. There are two major temples in Manali you should never forget to visit: the Vashisht temple and the Hidimba temple. Hidimba is the demon who married the great Pandava prince Bhīma. Hidimba is worshipped in this temple; visiting the temple will be an amazing experience for you. The area surrounding the village is very peaceful, and a walk in the woods nearby will give you all the tranquillity you were looking for. Have you ever seen a yak in your lifetime? Most of you haven’t, right? This will be the best chance not only to see a yak but also to ride one. Yak ride is one of the best activities you can try in Manali; don’t forget to click some lovely photographs too. After a completely packed day, you will be taken back to your hotel. You can have your dinner and take rest for another fun-packed day in Manali. 

The third day will be completely adventurous. You can visit Solang valley, the ultimate snow point and try out a plethora of activities there. Solang valley is the snow paradise in Manali; explore Solang valley to the fullest, and don’t forget to try skiing and other winter activities in Solang valley. Seasonal variation will be experienced in Solang valley when it comes to snowfall; January and February might receive heavy snowfall. You can also visit the mighty Rohtang pass on your way to Solang valley. Touch all the heights, and let’s boast about the same after your trip. Rohtang pass might get closed if there is heavy snowfall, our consultant will update you frequently with all the government guidelines and necessary information, and thus you will have a safe journey with us. After all the sightseeing and activities in the incredible Solang and Rohtang, you can have a good sleep at the hotel having a delicious dinner. You can choose from a range of cuisines; you will be served with everything you wish. 

The next day you will be guided to Kullu and Manikaran. Manikaran is a famous pilgrimage centre for both Sikhs and Hindus. The hot sulphur spring at Manikaran is very famous; you can wash your body in the hot water spring and enjoy the view around. The gurudwara will serve food for all; try out those if you wish to experience all the fun of cultural exploration. People from different backgrounds and cultures visit this gurudwara for serving the rest, quite exciting, right? Your Manali trip with Getz destinations will be the ultimate one with all such exciting and fun-filled activities and sightseeing. Kullu valley on the banks of river Beas will be your final destination during this trip. You can enjoy the view of Kullu valley along with Dashehra maidan and Beas River. Kullu shawl factory is also a place you should visit at least once. We have got an amazing activity in Kullu for those adventure seekers, and it is nothing but river rafting. River rafting at babeli, Kullu, will be an excellent activity for those who wish to feel some adrenaline rush during the trip. After all these activities and fun, you can go back to your hotel and rest with some amazing memories to dream of. The next day, you will be assisted back to the Volvo stand, and your Volvo will be ready to take you back to Delhi. After five nights of fun and happiness in the lap of the Himalayas, you can head back to your home with some unforgettable memories. Getz destinations will make your trip a never-ending epic tale with all the spices and sweetness.