Something that got popular in the early 20th century is CAMPING in Shimla. An activity which takes place somewhere far from home with our near and dear ones or some just prefer solo camping as well because either way you will make new friends and have the best camping experience with an overnight stay and fun activities. Camping in Shimla is said to be amongst one of the popular tourist attractions and it is always fun to go camping as it helps you to release stress and spend some quality time in nature and somewhere around a lake or river which is over the top soothing as you are allotted either a tent or shelter which gives a whole different experience and one where you can forget all the worries and keep them at bay. Sleeping under the stars and talking about life, you feel us? Yes, that’s the thing we’re talking about which one can get through this activity of camping. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, choose the kind of camping you’d like to go and we hope to see you all soon somewhere near the mountains or hilltops in Shimla. 

Before we move forward let us tell you some of the best camping sites in Shimla, one which you’ll love and have the most fun in. 

  1. Hail Himalayas 

Approx cost: 3,500 INR per person/per night 

  1. Mashobra Greens 

Approx cost: 2,900 INR per person/per night. 

  1. Jupiter Camps 

Approx cost: 2,599 INR per person/per night. 

  1. Park Wood Shoghi 

Approx cost: 9,500 INR per person/per night 

  1. Wanderers Camps 

Approx cost: 1,200 INR per night 

  1. Off the City Camps 

Approx cost: 6,000 INR per night 

While all of us thought that there are just one or two kinds of camping, we are here to give you more beautiful options you can choose from. Head over Shimla! 

Nature Camping in Shimla: It is one which all of us are aware of and one which most of us must have experienced but nature camping in Shimla can be or give you a different feeling of the luxury it gives of being so close to nature. One can play indoor or outdoor games both, some of which are: Volleyball, Carrom, Chess, Cricket, Badminton, and Ludo. One can also go and experience some thriller adventure sports which can make the day even more beautiful for you. Some adventure sports activities you can try in Shimla are: Zipline, Monkey Crawl, Tyre Bridge, Commando Bridge, etc. Green Getaway is one of the best nature camping sites you can enjoy in Shimla. It’ll cost approx around 1,500 INR per night but it may vary. 

Jungle Camping in Shimla: One can go on a guided Jungle Camping where they can experience a different aura and vibrations of nature and trees around which not only brings peace but also awakens the thrill in you. One who fears darkness or such places can go for a Jungle Camping to overcome it but with enough precautions and some tour guide who can help understand things in a better way so that you come back home safely. Carry all the safety measures and types of equipment if needed depending on the campsite and according to the instructions of the tour or camp guide. One can opt for Jungle Living Camps for the best experience which will approximately cost around 5,000 INR per night. 

Budget Camping in Shimla: Fun comes in many forms but it shouldn’t put a hole in your pocket so if you’re low on budget but still want to experience or go camping, always choose Budget Camping so that you don’t miss out on anything but make the most of it. Just like any other camping, budget camping also provides and comes with food facilities so that you don’t have to pay extra but can make the most from the amount that you’ve paid. 

Hilltop Camping in Shimla: The name itself is enough for one to understand what it means but if someone of you’ll are still confused let us tell you that Hilltop Camping is a kind of Camping where you can get a complete 360-degree view of the place, where you can, of course, enjoy the beautiful sunset and see it closely, stargazing late night, moonlight treks, village walks which will be different for some but worth it no doubt. The camping sites provide food and other accommodations to stay and enjoy to the fullest. Who would want to miss out on this amazing and mesmerizing view? We won’t and we hope you don’t miss out on this either. 

Rock camping: trek to the mighty mountain of Himachal is a usual activity in everyone’s Himachal trip. Going for a trek staying in the hotel will not give you the actual fun and thrill of the wild. Let’s go camp in the wild and experience the fun of sleeping in the tent in the lap of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. Shimla is the hub of camping sites, choose yours and bring out the true wanderlust in you.

Mountain view camping: mesmerizing mountain view camps are available at Junga in Shimla, which will be very different and enthralling from the experience you ever had. Enjoy the refreshing experience of staying in a camp in the middle of pine woods facing the majestic mountain of Himachal. choose your Himachal tour package from our inventory and get ready for the real fun.

Know that “Life Is Best When You’re Camping” so don’t give it a second thought and get going!