Blissful green hills is the beauty that SHIMLA brings to you!

Published Date : October 30, 2021
  1. The beautiful Hill station in the lap of Himachal Pradesh which is also its capital and has an altitude of 2213 m. The place is surrounded by green pastures of natural beauty and the name itself derives from the goddess ‘Shayamla Devi’ which is another form of Goddess Kali. Bliss and blessings all the way from Shimla Destinations, what are you still waiting for? Join us in the journey to the most stunning yet the most soothing place one would love to be at.

The town is famous for pleasant walking experience on hillsides surrounded by pine and oak forests. It has the colonial style buildings, the town has relics of ancient past that lend it a distinct look. It does have a huge crowd every year as it is quite close to the city center so it won’t be a wrong choice for you and your pals.

Attractions are many but some of them actually catches the eye so let’s see which are some of those places in Shimla:


1. Kufri: Located at a distance of 16km from the main city of Shimla, is a popular tourist destination known for  snow-laden peaks, skiing and Kufri Zoo. You can enjoy go-karting at the Kufri Fun World, which has the highest Go-Karting track in the world.

2. Hail: A small village that is situated at a height of 2250 m above sea level and is known as hiker’s paradise. It has mesmerizing views from such a great height, it gives a tourist a memorable travelling experience in Shimla.

3. Kalka Shimla Toy Train: A little of what the British left behind, Toy Train is must try experience, while in Shimla Tour Destinations. This route is one of the most picturesque train routes in the world and it passes through more than a hundred tunnels. It is a narrow gauge train route and it connects Kalka to Shimla.

4. The Ridge: The most photographed wide-open street located on the side of Shimla Mall Road. The Ridge has everything, from shops selling some exclusive artefacts to the spectacular views of the mountain ranges. Shimla’s rich past is evident from the Gothic buildings standing in this part of the town.

There are many other places in Shimla to explore, some of which can be named: Shimla Christ Church, Visceral Lodge, Narkanda, Naldehra, Himalayan Bird Park, Jakhu Temple, Green Valley and of course the best Mall Road in Shimla. We will be your tour guide with our amazing packages, are you ready??!

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