They say one who lives life being in their comfort can never experience the real adventures of life and we agree. Is it even a life that is without any adventure or thrill? Life is all about taking risks and moving forward with what comes your way and one such thing is a trip to MANALI. Manali has the best weather and of course, is known as one of the most famous tourist destinations. Manali has the best of food, fun and the thing which are going to talk about today, ADVENTURE. We all need a little adventure in our lives to experience the different phases of life and face all our fears and say thanks to the adventure activities in Manali who have come up with so many things one can try and make the most of it. A 5-7 days trip can make you realize there’s so much to live in than just being in your comfort zone all the time. Today we bring to your table some of the most thrilling adventure sports that’ll make you face all your fears but at the same time will give you the best experience of your life. We have come up with some of our personal favorites, you can choose yours too. 

Sometimes risky, sometimes bold but most of all the experience that counts. Here are some of the best adventure sports activities in Manali that we’re in love with: 

Rafting in Manali: Known as one of the most wanted and adventurous activities in Himachal Pradesh is River Rafting. River Rafting is considered to be famous amongst the visitors as well the tourists who visit Manali. Whenever you plan to visit Manali with your family & friends, do keep Rafting one amongst the to-do list as it can be experienced by anybody. A newbie or even someone who just wants to explore it for fun can indulge in the fun activity. The cost of River Rafting in Manali ranges somewhere around 500-1000 INR while the rafting packages start somewhere around 2000 INR which includes the accommodation meals for a night. It is done in the Manaki to Jhiri section the other one from Pirdi to all the way 14 km down towards Jhiri. Beginners or expert rafters both are ideal to experience the water of Beas. 

Paragliding in Manali: Paragliding is considered to be as safe as any other form of adventure sports activity. Except for July to September one can go and enjoy Paragliding anytime in Manali. The cost depends upon the type of ride which you choose. For a long ride, the charges can be anywhere around 1000-5000 INR i.e. for a 10-15 minutes ride. For someone who is scared or prefers a short ride, the charges will be somewhere around 800-2000 INR i.e. for a 5-10 minutes ride. It is said to be open all days of the week between 11 am to 4 pm. It is suggested that one can visit Kangra Valley for a pleasant yet joyful experience of Paragliding in Manali. We suggest that before booking your tickets make sure the weather is clear and pleasant so that you don’t spoil your mood or enthusiasm as an outdoor sport can be fatal if there’s heavy wind, rain, snowfall or even thunderstorms so in that case one cannot enjoy or indulge in such sports. 

Trekking in Manali: One can find different places and packages in Manali specifically for trekking which varies on the time and days you prefer to stay. 6 days and 5 nights trekking package can cost somewhere around 19 to 20,000 INR and similarly 5 days and 4 nights package can cost you somewhere a bit less but it all depends on which places you choose along with Manali as the package includes accommodation, food and other things required for the trip. Let us tell you which are some of the best trekking in Manali are Chanderkhani Trek, Bijli Mahadev Trek, Bhrigu Trek, Patalsu Peak Trek, Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek, Prashar Lake Trek, Jogini Waterfall Trek, Beas Kund Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Tibba Base Camp Trek and many more. Manali is specifically the first place that comes to mind when someone talks about trekking not only because it gives you the best experience of the beautiful snow-covered views but it comes with several other options of adventurous activities one can try in and around the place. 

Skiing in Manali: Without even waiting a moment let us directly let you where can you experience the best of Skiing in Manali. Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley are said to be some of those high-altitude places where you get the best Skiing regions to enjoy as it receives a hefty amount of snowfall every year during winters. The slopes are considered to be the best and perfect for adventure sports activities. The beginners are suggested to hire a ski instructor so that no injuries or problems have to be faced while the adventure sports as everyone deserves to enjoy and make the most of it. It is said the approx charges of Skiing in Manali cost around 500-5,000 INR and these packages do include Skiing classes, equipment, training, etc and you can also select one full day of Skiing in the package that you choose. Enjoy the snow! 

Rappelling and Rock Climbing in Manali: If the adventurous person within you doesn’t let you stop then here’s two more best-known adventure sports activity found in Manali which will take a lot of energy but will give you the best experience for a lifetime. Harness and climb the rock slab which is 25/35 feet approx otherwise try rappelling which will make you climb down the rock with a harness and rope. Both the activities are located just next to River Beas. This gives you the best experience of both Rock Climbing and Rappelling. 

Things to keep in mind: 

The age limit is around 6 to 45 years while the weight range is 20 to 120 KG and one needs to be physically fit to perform any of the two activities that take up a lot of strength and energy. Apart from this, carry a few things handy: sunscreen, first aid kit, hand towels or napkins, sunglasses, and most importantly wear comfortable footwear. 

These were some of our favorite adventure sports activities in Manali but there are more such activities such as Zip-Lining in Manali, Jeep Safari in Manali, Cable Car Ropeway, Snow Scooter, Snowboarding, Zorbing, Angling, Camping, Bungee Jumping and many more. Choose from the best and enjoy the rest of the days to the fullest!