Himachal Pradesh

Popularly known as Devbhumi “Land of the Gods” is an amazing hill station and a state in Northern India which is famous and well-known for carpets, handicrafts, leather works, paintings. Some of the staple food of the state are vegetables, rice, lentils, and chapati. Hindi is said to be the official language of Himachal Pradesh and the people live a very simple life and are engaged in various agricultural activities.

Villas In Himachal Pradesh

Known as home to some of the most popular tourist spots in the world has some beautiful yet elegant villas for your stay, spend some quality time with your family & friends. We’ve found our favorites, you can choose one too. 

1) Homestead Villas

2) Violet Hill

3) Cloud Villa (Manali)

4) SaffronStays Hillcrest

5) SaffronStays Norwood Cottage 

6) Sarion Cottage By Vista Rooms

7) Snow Bliss (Manali)

8) Meadow On The Ridge By Vista Rooms

9) Padam Hill By Vista Rooms

10) The Pine Crest Menage

Day Tours In Himachal Pradesh

Amongst so many places to visit in Himachal, one can look for the best day trips as the real fun from adventure sports to sightseeing can be done in the best way possible. We have found some of the most favorite tourist destinations which you would love to visit. Here’s the list:

1) Hiking Day Tour (To Triund from Dharamshala)

2) Manali City Tour 

3) Full Day Shimla City Tour

4) Rohtang Pass From Manali

5) Glimpse of Heritage culture from Dharamshala/Palampur

6) Explore Hampta Valley From Manali

7) Temples and Hills

8) Dharamshala half day city tour

9) Day Excursion To Kangra From Dharamshala

10) Private Malana Jeep Safari in Himachal Pradesh

Explore Himachal like never before!

Glamorous Camping In Himachal Pradesh

Who doesn’t like camping? Day tours are amazing but the night gives a different vibe and fun altogether. You can sing songs, enjoy stargazing or simply sit near the bonfire and make the most of that moment. We have found some of the campsites, where you and your peers would love to spend some time. Here are our personal favorites:

1) Saanjh Camp Bir

2) Luxury Tent Surrounded by Forests and Mountains in Barot

3) Kabila Camps

4) Furnished Tent for an Authentic Camping Experience in the Village of Kasol

5) Dropout Adventures

6) Himtrek Camps Manali

7) Beautifully Furnished Bell Tents by Paragliding Site near Pathankot.

8) Tented Camp at over 6,000 Ft. Above Sea Level, Himalayas.

Multi-Adventure Tours In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal sightseeing is something to die for and when it comes to Multi-Adventure Tours where one can enjoy not only one but cover different places in Himachal, we were as happy as you are and thus thought about sharing some information with you all too. Here’s the list of some of the famous Multi-Adventure Tours:

1) Kaza and Spiti Valley Biking Tour from Manali

2) Trans Himalayan Jeep Safari Tour

3) Manali to Spiti Valley Backpacking Tour

4) Manali to Ladakh Motorbike Tour

5) Chandratal and Spiti Jeep Safari

6) Bike Trip- Srinagar, Leh Manali

7) Leh Ladakh Tour with Manali Sightseeing

Hilltop Camping In Himachal Pradesh

Hilltop, amazing weather, and beautiful people to accompany that’s all one needs. Hilltop Camping has been very popular for ages now and is popularly known as something of tourist interest. Let us tell you about some hilltop campings in Himachal so that you find it easy the next time you visit.

1) Snow Camping in Hampta Valley

2) Camping in Sethan, Manali

3) Hilltop Camping in Dalhousie

4) Camping Amidst Hills, Dharamshala

5) Hill View Camping in Bir

6) Experiential Camping in Narkanda

7) Hill Top Camping Experience in Bir

Local Experiences In Himachal Pradesh

Go Local whenever you get a chance to visit a place, you’ll learn and explore a lot they say, and when in Himachal let us help you with what you can do and enjoy locally:

1) Tibetan Market Tour

2) Spiritual Tour

3) Food Tasting Tour at Manali

4) Buddha to Shiva Walk Dharamshala

5) Shopping Tour in Mcleodganj

6) Shimla Shopping Tour

7) Ancient Hindu Temple Drive at Mcleodganj

Riverside Camping In Himachal Pradesh

The breeze and the fun of camping can set anybody’s mood for a quick vacation or getaway. Here are a few options we have found for riverside camping in Himachal:

1) Beas Kund

2) Tosh

3) Chalal

4) Rasol

5) Kutla Glacier 

6) Rudranag

7) Kheerganga

8) Grahan

Enjoy the starry night!

Paragliding In Himachal Pradesh

One can enjoy Paragliding or even Parasailing at a few places in Himachal Pradesh where even other adventure sports take place and travelers can make the most of it! We have come up with some places in Himachal that offer the best paragliding experience, some of which are:

1) Billing Paragliding

2) Skylark School of Paragliding

3) MadTrek Adventures

Apart from these, the places where Paragliding takes place in Himachal are:

1) Solang Valley

2) Bir Billing

3) Manali

4) Dalhousie 

5) Kullu

6) Khajjiar 

Weekend Treks In Himachal Pradesh

Weekends are for some fun activities and what’s better than trekking with your peers and experiencing the beautiful lofty mountains of Himachal. Here’s where you can trek and make your weekend worth it:

1) Bijli Mahadev 

2) Prashar Lake trek

3) Bhrigu Lake trek

4) Triund

5) Kuppar Bughyal 

We hope you’ll have a good time!

Adventure In Himachal Pradesh

Adventure tours and adventure tour packages are the most famous ones when it comes to Himachal as everyone wants to experience and make the most of this tour. There are various such tours one can have fun in such as:

1) Water sports activities 

2) Skiing in Himachal 

3) Mountaineering & rocking climbing 

4) Angling & fishing in Himachal 

5) Trekking in Himachal 

6) Mountain biking & motorbiking

7) Paragliding in Himachal

Winter Treks In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is a place that sees the most snow in the month of January which seems to be the best and most wanted time to visit Himachal for winter treks and some of the best ones are Indrahar Pass Trek, Pin Parvati Paas Trek, Kheerganga Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Kareri Lake Trek, Prashar Lake Trek, etc.

WorkStation In Himachal Pradesh

Spend a Rustic Workation in the lap of the Himalayas where you can enjoy the weather while you can focus on your work as well. If you’re looking for a calm place where you can sit and make the most of that place while working then we’ve got a list of places in Himachal where you can work and enjoy as well.

1) Wooden Attic Workation, Mashobra

2) Himalayan View Woration, Manali

3) Hillside Villa Workation, Shimla

4) A Workation Overlooking the Himalayas, Bir

5) A Workation Amid Wildlife Sanctuary, Dalhousie 

Rafting In Himachal Pradesh

We’ve come up with the 5 best places one can try river rafting anytime when in Himachal. Get the best experience with your close ones. The places are:

1) Auli

2) Manali

3) Shimla

4) Mcleod Ganj

5) Kullu

Cycling In Himachal Pradesh

Take a cycle tour in and around Himachal to different places and explore them to the fullest. One can start from the gentle routes of Una, Hamirpur, Bilaspur, and Kangra. Apart from this, you can enjoy cycling at any holiday destination such as Dharamshala, Manali, Shimla, or even go for a premier bike race which is held every year and is known as MTS Himalaya.

Attractions In Himachal Pradesh

Beautiful places are many but some of the most beautiful are found in Himachal. Without wasting much time let us take you on a tour of Himachal and the best places/attractions there. Some of which are:

1) Kasol

2) Shimla

3) Spiti Valley

4) Kasauli

5) Kaza

6) Tirthan Valley

7) Khajjiar

8) Tosh

9) Dharamshala 

10) Palampur

Day Outs In Himachal Pradesh

Day Outs can be fun as you can see everything clearly in the daylight and get some of the most beautiful pictures too. Himachal has some amazing places to visit and explore in the Daytime which are: 

1) Hiking to Triund from Dharamshala 

2) Explore Manali

3) Nature Trekking Near Dharamshala or Manali Private Car Charter (10 hours tour)

4) Day Excursion to Kangra from Dharamshala 

5) Explore temples in Shimla

6) Private Day Excursion Tour to Kufri & City Sightseeing from Shimla

7) See the historic culture of Himachal/Palampur.

Biking In Himachal Pradesh 

Biking is a sport and love for most of them out there and what’s better than biking in Himachal as it’s a dream for all the bikers out there. We’ve found some of the most amazing places in Himachal where you can go biking this year:

1) Bike trip to Srinagar Leh and Manali

2) Manali to Ladakh 

3) Manali to Leh Ladakh Bike trip from Delhi

4) Bike Trip to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh

5) Spiti Valley Bike Trip

Experiential Tours In Himachal Pradesh 

1) Spiti Valley in Winter, costs around 21-24,000 INR for approx 7 days tour.

2) Sightseeing in Himachal, costs around 31-35,000 INR for approx 11 days tour.

3) Manali Leh Srinagar Sightseeing Tour with Hanle & Tsomoriri, costs around 33-35,000 INR for approx 11 days tour.

4) Himachal tour, costs around 23-25,000 INR for approx 12 days tour.

5) Kasol Package from Delhi, costs around 7-10,000 INR for approx 5 days tour.

Tent Stays In Himachal Pradesh

For Ages now Himachal is known for its Tent Stays i.e. Camping. The state has a hot and humid climate while in summer and one can experience snowfall in winters but one can make the most of Tent Stays any time of the year. A few places where you’d love camping and staying in a tent are Triund, Tosh, Beas Kund, Chalal, Rasol, Malana, Grahan, Kutla Glacier, Rudranag, Kheerganga, etc.

Rock Climbing In Himachal Pradesh

Breathtaking Mountain views are everything for someone who travels Himachal and what’s better than trying Rock Climbing which is very well known and is tried by several people every year who visit the place. Some of the very famous Rock Climbing places in Himachal are Beas Kund, Mount Hanuman Tibba (5932 m), Mount Ladakhi in Manali (5345 m), and Mount Deo Tibba amongst the many others which you’ll find once you explore the place and adventure sports.

Jeep Safari In Himachal Pradesh

Exploring at its best, one can make the most of this experience and take back as many pictures as they want. There are various Jeep Safaris in Himachal that people can enjoy regardless of which time of the year they visit. Let us help you with some!

1) Private Malana Jeep Safari in Himachal starts from 2,500-3,000 INR approx.

2) Jungle Safari (8 hours) starts from 5,000-6,000 INR approx.

3) 3-hour Jeep Safari to Hill Goddess Temple starts from 3,500-4,000 INR approx.

4) Jim Corbett Tour (1 night/ 2 days) starts from 5,000-6,000 INR approx.

5) 6 days tour of Manali, Shimla, Kullu (private tour) i.e. 6 days which starts from 24,000-26,000 approx.

Multi-Day Tours In Himachal Pradesh

Some tours take place every year and when it comes to Multi-Day Tours one can make the most of it with their family and friends. Such tours last for a couple of days to even a week. Let us quickly tell you about such tours which you can enjoy in Himachal. 

1) Kedarkantha Trek (5 days) for 9,000-10,000 INR approx.

2) Nog Tibba Trek (2 days) for 3-4,000 INR approx.

3) Triund Trek (2 days) for 2,500-3,000 INR approx 

4) Jim Corbett Tour (1 night/2 days) 5-6,000 INR approx 

5) Rafting Expedition in Rishikesh (2 nights 3 days) 11-12,000 INR approx

Rappelling In Himachal Pradesh

Rope down also known as Rappelling has a huge number of people every year who want to try it at least once. There are different places in Himachal where one can go and experience the best of Rappelling. Some of which are Aleo, Dungri, and Solang nalah which is located 10 minutes from Manali. Apart from this, one can try adventure activities in Mcleodganj, Rock Climbing & Rappelling in Bir, Water Rappelling in Jibhi, Rappelling in Shimla, Rock Climbing & Rappelling in Manali and Narkanda.

Photography Tours In Himachal Pradesh

Photographs are the best thing to remember the good times and if we don’t get some good clicks after visiting such a beautiful place then it’ll be a regret forever. One can opt for photography tours in Himachal to take back some beautiful memories, let us help you with the places and charges.

1) Candid photoshoot in Manali- costs approximately (30-60mins) 2,000-3,000 INR.

2) Photoshoot in Shimla By Professional Photographers (1 hour) 3,000-4,000 INR approx for per group.

3) Professional Photoshoot in Solang Valley (1 hour) 5,000-6,000 INR approx for per group. 

4) Lamkhaga pass trek (3-4 days) 44,000-46,000 INR approx per adult.

5) Village Tour (2 days) 6,000-7,000 INR approx per adult.

6) Spot Snow Leopard In Spiti Valley During Winter (3-4 days) 60,000-70,000 INR approx per adult.

Shopping Tours In Himachal Pradesh

Memories are everything and while you have so much fun in Himachal, it is mandatory to take back something that will always cherish this trip. Shopping is loved by all of us regardless of gender and Himachal does have something worth taking back home. Either for yourself or your loved ones, you can buy handicrafts, paintings, famous shawls, woodwork, metalwork, Himachali caps, and so much more! There are also Tibetan jewelry, keychains, which you gift to someone as a memory of Himachal.

Weekend Tours in Himachal Pradesh

Aha! it’s the weekend already and after having a tiring week one would like to go out for an outing and the same, we have found you some places which are great to be for a weekend trip. Here is the list:

1:Bir Billing: A rush of adventures

2:Khajjiar: Mesmerizing views of nature

3:Kufri: All about snow

4:Narkanda: Apline forest and apple orchards

5: Kalpa: Snow top mountains and Greenery with lush flora and fauna

6:Naggar: Sights worth picturized and kept for memories

7:Kinnaur: Snowy mountains and beautiful landscapes

A weekend getaway to some of these areas will give you immense pleasure and relief from the week’s work and the views can relax your mind and make you ready for another week ahead.

Water Sports in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is popularly known for its mountain ranges and beautiful landscapes. The love of mountaineers who come here to experience the immense beauty this place has to offer. And as said Mountains and some water adventures to choose from, this place can be a perfect place for people to choose for a vacation or a holiday. Here is a list of water adventures that we have found for you that you will certainly enjoy and here is the list:

1:Canyoning at Vashist

2: Fishing at Kasol

3:Water rafting at Tatapani

4:Boating at Tatapani

5:Water rock climbing

6:Rowing at Gobind Sagar lake

7:Water sports activities at Maharana pratap sagar lake, Pong dam

8: Hot spring Bath at Manikaran

Family Tours In Himachal Pradesh

Not all of us get to spend quality time with our families but when we do, making the most of it is pure bliss. There are various tour packages one gets to visit the places in North and we have come up with some tour packages of Himachal. Let’s discuss a few:

1) A family tour package (7 Days and 6 Nights) to Himachal from Delhi costs approx 30,000 INR which covers: Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, and Dalhousie.

2) A 4 Days & 3 Nights family tour to Manali will cost approx 7-8,000 INR with accommodation and other things included.

3) Family tour package from Pathankot by cab can altogether cost you around 18-20,000 INR for a 5 Days & 4 nights trip that includes places like Dharamshala and Dalhousie.

4) A joyous 4 Days & 3 Nights family tour to Dalhousie (Himachal) will cost you approx 17-20,000 INR with all the accommodations included.

5) A big family tour that includes 10 Days & 9 Nights which has all the places like Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, and Amritsar will cost approx 38-40,000 INR everything inclusive.

Fishing In Himachal Pradesh

It is a place where you’ll find and explore multiple breeds of Fishes and Himachal is now considered as the prime destination for fishing in India. One can find fishes moving with the flow of the sparkling water. Some places where you can go fishing in Himachal are Sainj Valley, Uhl River, Baspa Valley, Beas, Sutlej, Ravi, Pabar Valley, etc.

Hope you get the best ones and the experience should be worth remembering!

Moderate Treks In Himachal Pradesh

People who love mountains at least once in their life want to visit Himachal and go trekking with their peers but not all of them are prepared for the difficult treks but we got you. We’ve made a list of easy to moderate treks which even beginners can give a try and enjoy to the fullest.

1) Solang Valley- Dhundi- Bakar Thach- Beas Kund- Solang Valley (Considered to be easy)

2) Manali- Chikka- Seri- Tenta- Chota Chandratal- Seri- Chikka- Manali (Considered to be moderate)

3) Mcleod Ganj- Baijnath/Uttrala- Parai Village- Jalsu Pass- Parai Village- Uttrala- Mcleod Ganj (Considered to be easy & moderate for some)

4) Mcleod Ganj- Baijnath/Uttrala- Parai Village- Jalsu Pass- Parai Village- Uttrala- Mcleod Ganj (Considered to be moderate)

5) Mcleod Ganj- Kareri Village Camp- Lioti- Kareri Lake- Ghera- Mcleod Ganj (Considered to be easy)

6) Manikaran – Barsheni – Kheer Ganga- Barsheni- Manikaran (Considered to be easy)

7) Manali- Naggar- Rumsu- Chanderkhani- Malana- Rashol- Manikaran (Considered to be moderate)

Zip-Lining In Himachal Pradesh

Zip-Lining soon made its name famous amongst tourists visiting the place and even the local visitors loved it. It is quite challenging but not impossible for someone who dares to try and loves adventure. We have found a few places in Himachal where you can easily go and try this adventure sport.

1) Zipline in Dharamshala

2) Rope adventure in Dalhousie

3) Zipline and Rope activities in Barot Valley

4) Zipline in Chail

These places are some of the best and safest ones to try in Himachal and you’ll never regret trying it.

Entry Tickets In Himachal Pradesh

Every beautiful place comes with a small price tag so does this snow-covered state does too. Himachal is known for so many beautiful things and places for one to visit and it does charge a bit in some of the other places. For the citizens, it might be less than that of the tourists that visit the place.

1) The Museum in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh charges INR 20 per person for Indians and INR 100 for foreigners, and the timings are 10 am to 5 pm for anybody who wishes to visit the museum.

2) Pandoh Dam in Mandi is free of cost for everyone be it the citizen or tourist but shortly they might start charging as the number of visitors are increasing every year.

3) Entry fee to see the wildlife sanctuary in Chail, Solan is free for everyone and any time of the day but the Chail palace charges 100 INR per person to see and explore it.

Hiking In Himachal Pradesh

Just like trekking, hiking is also an adventure tour which is known by all and people love to do it either alone or with family & friends. Himachal has a lot to do and one of those is providing visitors with the best places for hiking. Here are some:

1) Sar Pass Trek

2) Chanderkhani Pass

3) Thatharana Trek

4) The Dalai Lama Temple Loop

5) Indrahar Pass

6) Lamadugh Trek

7) Gilbert Trail

Get the best hiking experience in the snow-capped mountains this winter.

Horse Riding In Himachal Pradesh

Horses are loved by almost everyone out there and amongst all the others, horse riding is yet another adventure sports one can consider that is famous in Himachal which is enjoyed by all the visitors/tourists. Some places you can quickly find on the map for horse riding in Himachal are:

1) Hill view, Horse Riding

Mashobra, HP.

2) Kufri Horse Ride.

3) Horse Yak Ride Spot

Shimla, HP.

4) Horse Riding Point, Kufri, HP.

Apart from these, Solang Valley has the best 4-hour long horse riding activity which one would love to try, it’ll take you from Solang Valley to Dhundi which is almost 8km.

Go Karting In Himachal Pradesh

A motorsport road racing that is known as go-karts or shifter karts is a fun activity that brings people together who have the thrill of racing. It is also known as a form of sport that can improve overall health.

Some places in Himachal where you can have fun go-karting are:

1) Kufri Fun World

Kufri, HP.

2) Fatepur Garh

Mohni, HP.

3) Adventure Resort, New Kufri

Amusement Park, HP.

Skiing In Himachal Pradesh

Skiing is one the best experiences anybody will love and a place which is known as a snow-covered state is the cherry on the cake. Skiing in Himachal is said to give a unique experience to the ones who try and it is known as a lifetime memory that visitors take back home with them. Some of the best places in Himachal to try skiing is:

1) Manali

2) Kufri

3) Rohtang Valley

4) Hanuman Tibba

5) Narkanda

We know and see the adrenaline rush one feels when the thought of skiing comes to mind as it is one different adventure than the rest.

Nature And Wildlife In Himachal Pradesh

From all the hustle and bustle happening in the cities, one tries to find an escape and what’s better than the place which itself is known for nature, snow, wildlife and utmost peace & relaxation which one dies for! There’s no other place better than Himachal to experience the beautiful nature and amazing wildlife. We have come up with some places that you’d love to visit:

1) Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary

2) Manali Sanctuary

3) Himalayan Nature Park

4) Tundah Wildlife Sanctuary

5) Majathal Wildlife Sanctuary

6) Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

7) Chitkul

Experience the best of nature and wildlife in Himachal!

Bungee Jumping in Himachal Pradesh

Can you do a leap of faith? Faith in yourself that you aren’t scared of heights anymore? The bungee jumping is for you. Get ready to take a jump from the highest bungee jumping spot in the world which is in India Yes, In India, and is in none other than Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

With a height of 10,500ft, with you jumping at a steep but beautiful gorge near Marhi, Manali is one of the most beautiful places where you can do bungee jumping.

Adding another place where you can certainly try Bungee jumping is in Bir-Billing too.

Autumn Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Trekking has been a lot increased in recent times in India and seems like one of the favorite adventure sports being done by youngsters today. The adrenaline rush that one gets while trekking, only one can tell after experiencing it and for trekking, one cannot find a better place than Himachal Pradesh.

Here are some Treks found by us for you:

1: Chandrashila in Uttarakhand- Easy Trek at 12083 ft

2: Kedarkantha trek in Uttarakhand-Easy trek at 12500 ft

3:Brahmatal- in Uttarakhand- Moderate trek at 12500 ft

4:Har ki dun in Uttarakhand-Again a moderate Trek

5: Rupin pass: Trek level difficult 16000 ft

6: Bali pass: trek level difficult at 17000 ft

Difficult Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Trekking is a journey that goes on for days and even nights just to reach the end of a particular mountain. Trekking is typically been done on foot with the necessary equipment needed for the weather and one would love to complete it and gives you a burst of joy after you complete a Trekk. 

Here are some Treks which are said to be difficult in Himachal Pradesh:

1:Buran Ghati

2: Pin Parvati pass

3: Friendship peak

4:Rupin pass

5: Bali pass

Boating in Himachal Pradesh 

Boating In Himachal Pradesh is one of the unique experiences one should make sure to have. Boating is one of the experiences where you feel relaxed and you can connect with nature and will give solace to the soul. One can do Boating in Tattapani in Himachal Pradesh.

Tattapani is a small village which is distant at 51 km from Shimla and is also famous for its Hot water springs. It is situated in Mandi district on the bank of river Satluj. One can have a pleasant time doing boating there.

ATV Ride in Himachal Pradesh

ATV is also known as a terrain vehicle that is ridden on- roads and runs on all terrains and can give immense pleasure to the one who rides it. With great handling and power, ATVs are the best to connect with nature and to have an adrenaline rush as it gets you pumped up with it. Some of the places where you can ride an ATV are:

1: Palampur


3: Bagiarra

4: Raison

Spiritual Tours In Himachal Pradesh

As India is one of the most religious places in the world, one would like to bow their head and pray for god’s blessings. And one of the places where one can pray to God is Himachal Pradesh. 

Himachal Pradesh which is also known as Dev Bhoomi is the abode of God to which people worship. 

Some of the religious places one can go are:

1: Jwala Devi

2:Bajinath- Dauladhar

3:Bijli Mahadev-Kullu

4:Mata vaishno devi tirth mandir

5:Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, Manikaran

Theme Parks In Himachal Pradesh

Theme parks are a place one would like to go and enjoy their day with its thrilling rides and theme-based

park where you have roller coasters and water slides and so on. Be that kids, youngsters, or adults this is a go-to place to spend your energy and which will keep you filled with excitement. Here are some Theme parks which we found for you in Himachal Pradesh:

1:Himvalley Manali Amusement & Culture Park

2: Adventure resorts, New Kufri

3:Mohan park, Solan

4:Hip Hip Hurray amusement park, Shimla

5: Indira tourist park, Kufri