Known for its popular beaches, Goa has a long history of Portuguese colony prior to 1961 with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. Baga and Palolem beaches are known as the most ones in and around Goa and apart from this there are laid-back fishing villages such as Agonda. 

Top things/activities to do in Goa:

  • Scuba diving at Grand Island: Because of its shallow and clear waters, grand island is known as one of the most safest places for scuba diving. Grand island has the most beautiful beach where you can actually meet the aquatic creatures and make the most of your time with them. It costs around 1700-2000 depending on the season and other related things. Goa is also known as one of the prime scuba diving destinations in India. Shallow diving sites with visibility of 8-10 m is found in Grand island and it definitely offers some of the most amazing marine life, corals, reef and ship wreck. Scuba diving has its own benefits that includes: Improves blood circulation, helps to relieve stress, reduces blood pressure, increases strength and flexibility of your muscles, increases emotional well being etc. Goa is actually becoming the new hub for scuba diving so don’t miss out a chance to experience this.
  • Tito’s Lane: Most of the tourists that visit Goa, Tito’s tops their list as it being the best nightclubs located in Calangute. It was founded back in 1971 by Tito Henry de Souza and the entire lane in Baga where it is located is known as the Tito Lane. The entry fee of Tito’s Goa ranges somewhere around 2,000 INR per couple (Thursday to Sunday), there’s also two free entires for ladies. They have special prices for weekends and stag. As the owner announced of selling the nightclub due to personal reasons but still the street stays the same and people enjoy roaming around as its one of the most beautiful places in Goa to visit.
  • Paragliding in Anjuna: On an average around INR 3,000 is charged per person for an hour to have the beautiful paragliding experience in Anjuna. They also have options of changing the duration from 1 hour to 15-20 minutes long depending on what and how someone prefers it. Not only in Anjuna but Paragliding is done on various beaches that includes Baga beach, Sinquerim beach, Anjuna beach, Dona Paula beach and several others. November to February are considered to be the best months one can go and experience paragliding in Goa. Apart from this, the climatic conditions and other things attracts tourists who visit Goa to atleast try this once which also results in slashed prices of events and other festivals.
  • Parasailing at Calangute Beach: One of the most popular thrilling sport in Goa which is also known as Para ascending that includes two things. 1. A parachute 2. A speedboat. This is prominent in Goa because of the vast number of beaches and seascapes present there. This thrilling sport takes place at Calangute beach which is known as the biggest beach and is easily accessible to all major tourist locations in Goa. Parasailing Goa ranges somewhere around 500-800 INR for a 15-40 mins experience depending on how one wants it to be.
  • Bungee Jumping at Mayem Lake: At a height of 25 meters it costs around INR 500-4500 which is located at the oldest bungee jumping spot in Goa which is known as Gravity Zone. The minimum age for one to go bungee jumping is somewhere around 12-14 years but also they don’t set a bar of age if the individual is fit and healthy. The minimum weight is considered to be around 35 kgs and maximum would be around 110 kgs approx. Bungee jumping is once in a lifetime experience where one can take off their fears and face things in a new and better way! Apart from this, when it comes to safety it is said that bungee jumping is on the right par and with all the extreme sports comes a degree of risk involved but the fatality rate is 1 on 500,000. 
  • Houseboat Sunset Trip: A houseboat consists of four or more rooms with broad porch. It has quite elaborated craft when used as summer homes. Sailing down the river in a houseboat is a whole different experience itself as it is a perfect getaway that helps you to relax and escape the stressful life with the beauty of nature and calmness around. You can enjoy mornings with the chirping of birds and sip a cup of tea/coffee. Enjoy the sunset with the view of blue waters and exciting nightlife, music scene, adventure sports etc.
  • Anjuna Flea Market: Anjuna beach is well known for its palm trees, mesmerizing scenic views, white sand and of course the black rock. But there’s this market known as Flea market which is very popular and has some of the best handicrafts and other local items. With a bit of persistence, patience and lots of bargaining skills can hell you buy lots of stuff at a reasonable price here. The timings are mostly 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM and is open only on Wednesdays. It remains open only during the months of October and May. Make the most of it, buy stuff for your family and friends and take back good memories from this beautiful market. More things that can be found in the Anjuna Flea market are: Beachy Designer Kaftaans, Tribal Masks, Dreamcatchers & Cool Headgear, Macrame Jewellery, Dresses made from Old Saris, Tibetan Market Stuff, Beaded & Glass Jewellery, Bright & Peppy Bikinis, All And Sundry.

Apart from all the above mentioned things one can do several other things which includes: snorkeling at Grande Island, Kayaking at Baga Creek, E-Bike Tour, Exploring Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, Arambol beach Carnival etc.

Best time to visit Goa:

The best time considered to visit Goa is around November and then in between February to May when the temperature goes around 20-33 degree C. The peak tourist season is between December-January so if you it around this months it will be over crowded and you won’t fair deal for hotel rooms or wait even airfares. 

March to May and October is considered to be Summer and will be a little humid.

June to September is considered to be Monsoons and might also have high tides.

November to February is considered to be Winter and will have cool breeze.

Where to stay in Goa:

Depending on your budget and the type of traveller you are you can find an accommodation in and around Goa. From a lavish 5 start hotel, beach huts, backpackers hostels, hotels specially designed as family friendly, yoga retreats. You can also find Portuguese mansions, other heritage hotels and even private villas and apartments for one’s accommodation. Choose wisely!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and obtained a lot of information, what are you waiting for? Bags pack yet? Escape the ordinary and live a day or two in Goa and have a happy & safe journey!