What comes to your mind first when you think about Goa? The beaches? Beachfront resorts? Or the beach activities? Goa, home to the most energetic and lively beaches in India will always be there in the bucket list of every true wanderlust. The white sandy beaches, beachside huts serving delicious mouth-watering south Indian and north Indian dishes, and amazing luxurious beachfront resorts make it the best destination for travel enthusiasts. Goa is best in all seasons and that is what makes it the ideal destination for an amazing getaway. Depending on the month you intend to visit Goa, you’ll always have a varied weather experience. From March to May, the weather in Goa is sunny and hot, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius; however, from November to March, the weather is cool and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 21 to 32 degrees Celsius. There are some great sites to visit that are also regarded to be the top tourist attractions.

Who can say no to a silent night in which the sound of slow waves hitting the shore pierces through, while you are on the beachside with your better half enjoying a delicious candlelight dinner? Goa is a paradise for honeymooners. The placid beaches, charming weather and the liveliness of Goa altogether make it the most romantic tourist destination in India. Goa has got many places which are the best in India for spending an amazing honeymoon, some of the Goa honeymoon places are:

1: Butterfly Beach

2: Candolim Beach

3: Kakolem Beach

4: Bogmalo Beach

5: Velsao Beach

6: Betul Beach

7: Sinquerim Beach

8: Palelom Beach

9: Agonda Beach

10: Ashwem Beach

 All these beaches are located in a prime location and are the untouched gems of romantic Goa. While all other tourists crowded the major beaches and resorts you can choose from these beaches for enjoying an amazing private honeymoon with your partner. Choose yours from our honeymoon package to Goa and plan the best moments of your life with our expert travel consultants. Velsao Beach is a remote yet stunningly lovely beach in South Goa, halfway between Bogmalo and Majorda. With its gleaming silver sands, lush coconut plantations, turquoise water, and pristine coastline, Velsao Beach never fail to entice honeymooners. This is one of the most romantic sites in Goa for couples who want to relax by the ocean and try out some water sports. Go through our Goa honeymoon package from Delhi and plan your trip accordingly.

Best time to visit Goa for a romantic honeymoon

Goa is a destination for all seasons but it is advised to avoid certain months if you are planning a honeymoon trip. Months from October to April are the best for honeymooners, the weather will be pleasant and beaches will be at its best for you to enjoy your honeymoon trip to the fullest. If you need complete privacy, it is better to visit Goa in the months of October, March and April. Beaches will be clean and crowd-free during this time. You will have to plan a seven days trip for exploring Goa with your better half to the fullest; the Goa honeymoon package for 7 days will be the ideal one for you to enjoy a mesmerizing honeymoon on the serene beaches.

Best places to visit in Goa during your honeymoon trip

From serene beaches to all other attractions including architecture from the British era to lovely villages, Goa has got everything for you and your better half to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest. Let us look into the best Goa honeymoon places. The majority of the tourist attractions are located in North Goa, all the prominent beaches, forts, marketplaces; churches, etc. are in north Goa. If you and your partner are party animals, you guys are going to enjoy north Goa the most as it is home to the best nightclubs in Goa.  Beaches are the boon of Goa, no other place in India can possess a threat to Goa when it comes to the enchanting beaches. Some of the best beaches in north Goa are:

1: Baga

2: Calangute

3: Dona Paula

4: Mandrem 

5: Candolim

Despite the beaches, north Goa has got a plethora of places to visit during your honeymoon trip. The constructions are all dated back to the British era and thus possess a kind of beauty that only Goa can claim. Some of the famous sights to visit in north Goa are:

1: Aguada Fort

2: Mae De Deus church

3: Basilica of Bom Jesus

4: Temple of Bodgeshwar

North Goa may be the party hub or one of the liveliest places to visit in Goa, but south Goa is the paradise for honeymooners. The newlyweds will find all the serenity and tranquillity they need on the white sandy beaches of South Goa. Some of the must-visit south Goa honeymoon destinations are:

1: Dudhsagar waterfalls

2: Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary

3: Mollem National Park

4: Monkey Beach

5: Mormugao Fort

6: Japanese Garden

7: St Andrew’s Church.

We just went through all the places to visit in Goa, the time to visit and all other important details to make your honeymoon trip the best. A honeymoon is not just sitting inside your resort on the side of a beach. Take your partner and dive into the enthralling activities Goa can offer you. All the water sports activities are best in Goa; world-class service providers are there to assist you with your favourite sport. Some of the romantic things to do in Goa are:

Sunset cruise

There is nothing more romantic than a peaceful sunset. Holding your partner’s hand in the middle of the places waters when the sun falls into the sea at a distance cannot be replaced by any other activity. Cruise ships are there in Goa operated by the government as well as private companies to take you out in the sea for a short sunset ride.

Candlelight dinner

A candlelight dinner is the best surprise you can give your partner in Goa. Our team will arrange a well-decorated table with delicious food for you and your better half to make your night an evergreen memory. Seated on the shore with some amazing food in front of the moon will be the most romantic thing one can expect. Let us make your special day even special, our travel consultant will assist you in making your trip an amazing one.

Water sports

Goa with a plethora of beaches offers a lot of water sports activities that are adventurous and romantic at once. Some of the best water sports activities you can try in Goa are:


Snorkelling is a fantastic option to explore the undersea realm and marine life if you are not a good swimmer. Snorkelling demands the use of the appropriate equipment, such as an eye mask, fins, and snorkel, which the service provider will provide. Some resorts in Goa will give you a complimentary snorkelling session, depending on your stay. Stroll down the waters and enjoy the sea and its lives attending a snorkelling session.

Scuba diving

 Scuba diving is for those who want to go into the depths of the clear blue waters of Goa to enjoy marine life in real. It is one of the most popular water sports activities in Goa. Long stretch reefs, vibrant fishes, and clear waters of Goa makes it the best spot for scuba diving 


 Go for some fun splash in the blue waters of Goa and bring out the wanderlust in you. The price for jet ski is very low compared to other water sports activities. Make the best out of it in Goa.

Sea walking 

Sea walking should be there on your bucket list if you are planning a trip to Goa. Most of the beaches are shallow in Goa, but there are some nice spots for you to try sea walking. Ask your resort representative to take you to the best spot for a walk down the seabed.


Goa will provide you with a world-class surfing experience in the blue waters, a must-try activity in Goa. Not only professionals but also beginners can give it a try in Goa.


Goa has got you the option for an incredible water sport to feel the scenic beauty of the islands high in the sky. Fly high above the waters and go surfing with the wind by trying out parasailing in Goa.