The only escape when life hits you with boredom is GOA. Enjoy beautiful and mesmerizing sunsets, water sports, fun nightlife and all that you ever imagined. Even two days are considered enough for one to explore the scenic views of Goa and enjoy life to the fullest. Go beach hopping with your friends and family where you can relax, sunbathe or even chill as the weather in Goa is like no other place you’d ever be! Even a solo traveller would never be bored when in Goa as it gives enough freedom for one to choose, stay or even have a good time alone. Goa is also considered to be safe for women who travel alone as it said that safety in Goa is not something one has to question. Wondering how can you travel from Apni Delhi to Go Goa Gone??! We are here for your rescue as ALWAYS. 

Travelling time from Delhi to Goa depends on how one chooses his transport means. Whether one travels through from his own vehicle or makes use of the public transportation facilities. A normal car ride which is known as a “road trip” can take almost 36 hours to travel depending on how fast one drives or reaches the destination. If you’re planning to choose a public transport mostly which will be a train to Goa then it’ll take almost 1 day and 12 hours to reach the destination. Trip to Goa has its own perks whether you travel from your own vehicle or something else, choose wisely! Delhi to Goa trip will be as happening as the one you watch in movies, tag along with your family or travel buddies and plan a trip to the most wanted place in the country.