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Assam Tour Packages

Assam, the land of “Blue hills and red rivers”, is known for the national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and tea plantations. There are almost seven national parks in Assam, which is home to many endangered species. Assam holds a culture very close to its biodiversity as one of the iconic seven sisters of Northeast India, a trip to Assam is about experiencing a unique blend of history, culture, and nature all at once. The state is home to several wildlife reserves, parks, and many festivals related to the conservation and protection of biodiversity. Suppose you are looking for a place to spend your vacation on the banks of a mighty river, enjoying delectable cuisine, engaging in a shopping spree and with a lot of adventure and thrill. In that case, Assam is the best destination for you. Spend your days on the bank of Asia’s mightiest and most enigmatic river, Brahmaputra and make the most out of it. Assam is also best to quench the thirsty spiritual soul by visiting some eccentric sacred sites. Choose your perfect Assam tour package to enjoy a fun-filled getaway in the north-eastern soil. 

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    Best Time to Visit Assam

    November to May is the perfect time to visit Assam as the weather will be very cool and pleasant in these months. It smells the blooming flowers, and the joyful locals will welcome you to the land of “Blue hills and Red rivers.”

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    How to Reach Assam

    Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati, is the nearest airport 25 km away from the city. The airport is well connected to all major cities in India.

    Dibrugarh airport, Assam, is connected to all domestic airports, and this is the fastest route to reach Assam.

    Guwahati is the nearest railhead to a major attraction in Assam. Assam has a well-organized rail network that connects all major destinations. 

    Top 10 Facts About Assam

    • The world’s largest river island Majuli and the smallest island Umananda are Assam. 
    • People still practice the barter system in Assam. 
    • The first oil well in Asia is in Digboi, Assam
    • Assam shares a border with 7 Indian states and two countries.
    • The Kaziranga national park has the highest number of the one-horned rhino, and it is home to almost two-thirds of the entire worlds one-horned rhino. 
    • The festival of Bihu takes place three times a year. 
    • Assam is home to the oldest golf course in the world. 
    • Assam is home to Asia’s first Amphi-theatre, Rang Ghar.
    • Wearing helmets is banned in the Kokrajhar district of Assam.
    • Saulkuchi village in Assam is the largest weaving village in the world. 

    Things to Note Before Assam Trip

    • Plan your trip before the monsoon season. Travelling by road will be a difficult task during the monsoon. 
    • Fancy Bazaar, Pan Bazaar and Paltan Bazaar are the best spots for shopping in Assam.
    • Assam is a state which has a very close connection with its biodiversity. Do not disturb the equilibrium of the ecosystem while you visit Assam.
    • You might see a lot of monkeys on your way, do not feed them or leave any plastic wastes anywhere during your trip. 
    • Camping and trekking are not allowed in certain regions; remember to take permission before entering such a protected area.

    Best Places to Visit in Assam

    Kaziranga National Park
    Located in the Golaghat, Karbi Anglong, and Nagaon districts of Assam, Kaziranga is home to the highest density of tigers among the protected areas in the world and was declared as a Tiger Reserve in 2006. This park is home to large breeding populations of wild water buffalo, elephants, and swamp deer. Kaziranga is also recognized as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International to conserve avifaunal species. Kaziranga has achieved notable success in wildlife conservation located on the edge of the Eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot. This park combines high species diversity and is protected as a UNESCO world heritage site. 

    Things to note before visiting Kaziranga National Park

    • You can take a private car inside the park only if escorted by an armed guard.
    • Best elephant safari is available in the central range.
    • Always go for a group safari for enjoying the park at its best.
    • Respect the ecosystem, give utmost priority to flora and fauna at Kaziranga.
    • Even if you are on a fun trip, be serious about the sensitivity of the park. Do not disturb its tranquillity. 

    Top activities in Kaziranga National Park

    • Jeep safari 
    • Elephant safari
    • Bird watching 
    • Visit Kaziranga National Orchid Park
    • Visit kakochang waterfall
    • Tour of Tea Estate
    • Visit the tribal village 
    • Enjoy the Boat safari
    • Cultural shows and folk dances

    Manas National Park 
    Manas National Park is one of the seven national parks in Assam, protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Manas is also known as project tiger reserve and elephant reserve. Manas is famous for the rare golden langur and the adorable red panda, which is not that easy to find in India. Manas is one of the most visited tourist places in Assam for its rich biodiversity and the scenic beauty of nature. Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, River Rafting, Village & Tea Plantations Visit, and Birdwatching are some of the must-do activities in Assam.

    The best time to visit Manas National Park is from October to May.

    Manjula Island
    Manjula island is the largest river island in the world. The remarkable natural beauty of the island makes it the must-visit tourist spot in Assam. Most of the island will be submerged underwater during the monsoon season, and the scenery is an eye warming one. Do not forget to visit manjuli during your Assam trip.

    October to March is the best time to visit manjuli.

    Kakochang Waterfalls 
    Tired of visiting national parks and biosphere reserves? Kakochang falls will soothe your mind from all the worries. The milky white water showering from the hilltop is such amazing scenery to watch and is a must-watch scene during your Assam trip. kakochang falls close to Kaziranga national park, so don’t forget to visit the fall during your trip.

    Umananda Island 
    Umananda Island is famous as the smallest inhabited river island in the world. The island is also known as peacock island and is located amidst the mighty Brahmaputra. A temple is dedicated to lord shiva on the island, famous for the festivities and worship. Plan a trip to the Umananda island during your visit and leave with some memorable experiences. 

    Other places to visit in Assam are:

    • Orang National Park
    • Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary 
    • Assam state zoo and botanical garden 
    • Tocklai Tea research centre
    • Dipor Bil
    • Guwahati Planetarium 
    • Nameri National Park 
    • Haflong Lake 
    • Panimoor falls