Andaman Nicobar packages

The Andaman Islands are an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. Picturesque beaches with clear blue waters and stunning marine life give you close overlook towards nature. Around 300 islands are known for their palm-lined, mangroves, white – sand shorelines and tropical rainforests. Coral reefs supporting marine life such as sharks and rays make for popular diving and snorkeling sites. Andaman contains the best beaches including virgin natural trails, mesmerizing sunsets, and beautiful sky. It is synonymous with golden beaches and amazing overlooks. There’s no uncertainty concerning why explorers are besotted in its beauty. Avail your Andaman Nicobar Packages Now!

Best time to visit: Andaman islands experience wonderful climate consistently. While the best time to visit the Andaman Islands from September to March.
How to Reach: Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and contains the most major airport. Veer Savarkar International Airport at Port Blair handles regular air traffic from significant Indian urban cities like Kolkata, Vizag, and Chennai. The entire journey can take you around 60 – 70 hours, that is, 2 – 3 days.

1. Port Blair

Port Blair is known as the capital town of Andaman. It is the largest town for the entry point for all the islands. The town contains interesting places like the Cellular Jail, Jolly Buoy and sports other activities in the complex.

Cellular Jail

The forbidden of Kala Paani still frequents the dividers of the Cellular Jail. The British utilized this jail to banish numerous opportunity contenders and political detainees. Situated at Port Blair, it’s available to tourists from Tuesday to Sunday. The light and sound show during the evening is particularly prescribed. Despite the fact that few pieces of it have been destroyed by the Japanese during World War II, regardless it stands tall helping us to remembrance our brave forefathers. You can visit Cellular Jail between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Jolly Bouy

Jolly Bouy island is one of the most visited goals in the Andaman Islands among tourists. Jolly Bouy island offers astounding coral reefs. The reef and the coral life is astonishing in Jolly Bouy. Jolly Bouy island goes under the Mahatma Gandhi marine national park. You will need a grant and tickets to visit this island. Earlier reserving is an absolute necessity for the Jolly Bouy Island trip. To arrive at Jolly Bouy first you have to reach Wandoor wharf which is 30 Km from Port Blair. From Wandoor jetty, the boat leaves to Jolly Bouy. It takes around 40 minutes to arrive at Jolly Bouy from Wandoor Jetty in a pontoon. When you are on Jolly Bouy island you should benefit Glass Bottom pontoon ride by paying extra. This is excluded from ticket cost, you have to this after once you arrive at Jolly Bouy. The expense of the boat ride differs on the time. A few rides are for 15 minutes while others for 30 minutes and some for 1 Hour.
North Bay Island
North Bay island is a mainstream destination in Port Blair. The shoreline and the snorkeling open doors in its bordering coral reefs are the nearest ones you will discover at Port Blair. A ferry-will take you crosswise over Aberdeen Jetty and bring you back the following 3 hours. The corals at North Bay are somewhat good and spread over a large territory. You’re in all respects probably spot many fish, a lobster, or even peace on the coral reef. When at North Bay, the time has come to appreciate the to relax and enjoy. Choices, for example, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and Sea Walk are likewise accessible.


Ross Island structures one of the valuable gems in the exquisite crown of Andaman And Nicobar Islands. Overwhelmed by spinning creepers, thick woods and transcending palm trees, this little island once shaped a persuasive focal point of power during the pilgrim period. The island was an emblem of the dictator and extravagant way of life that the British system working on during those days. Also, there are waterparks that help voyagers enjoy water sports, while some exhibition halls show many-sided relics from the former time.

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu known as the bird creature island is found 25 km from Port Blair in the archipelago of the Andaman Islands. This is one of the most delightful vacation spots in Andaman. Chidiya Tapu is a little town with rich green mangroves, and backwoods presented with various winged creatures. It is a perfect excursion spot. At nightfall, the island is without a doubt mystical. Andaman’s lesser-known mystery, Chidiya Tapu is blissful with the green scene, shorelines, and assortment of corals. Don’t miss the joy of watching the sunset on the horizon. The primary attractions here the delicate brilliant shores, Chidiya Tapu Biological Park, Chidiya Tapu Beach, and the Munda Pahar beaches. There is a forest woods visitor house situated on the hillock that offers a scenic view of islands. Nearly water islands overlook with multi-color corals. It is an incredible site for snorkeling. Chidiya Tapu Beach offers ocean shells. It is in certainty a significant supporter of shell make industry. A portion of the artworks produced using shells including table lights, ashtrays, bangles, enhancing boxes and showpieces. Bring home trinket as affectionate recollections of your excursion. These are the absolute best things to search for in Andaman.

2. Havelock Island

The island is the most popular and considers the hyped island of Andaman. Havelock contains the most beautiful beaches in Asia. You can roam around to explore the island by hiring a biker or scooter. Nearly, Elephant Beach is around about 20 minutes on the boat ride from Havelock Island. The place is beautiful to explore of white sand & colorful coral reefs. The beach is popularly known as NO. 7, as a large island. Most of the people prefer best place snorkeling destinations after Jolly Bouy island in Port Blair.

Radha Nagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach in the Andaman Island archipelago is one of the most delightful beaches of India. Lying on the south shoreline of Havelock Island, shoreline number 7 is around 12 kilometers from the Island’s ship pier. Crown as “Asia’s Best Beach” and “seventh Beach in the World’ by TIME Magazine. The beautiful bend of white sand with cerulean blue waters lined by influencing palms. Extending more than two kilometers and with a normal width of 30 to 40 meters, the white sands are fine-grained and mitigating to stroll on. The delicate slope of the shoreline proceeds around 1:20 into the ocean as a sandy base for more than 100 meters. Walk, sunbathe, attempt water sports or remain at one of the hotels at the shoreline. The amazing sight of nightfall at the Radhanagar shoreline is magnificent.

Elephant Beach

The perfect shoreline is ideal for lazing around or notwithstanding enjoying audacious water sports like swimming, reflect vessel rides and others. Visiting Elephant Beach in the early morning can be a superb encounter. Recognize the brilliant ball at its mildest structure ascending the skyline. Additionally, the lively and lovely winged animals will be an extra without a doubt. Visiting Andaman yet skipping Elephant Beach means you’ve missed something astounding. A 20-minute pontoon ride from Havelock takes you from the island to the shoreline. The ride covers the course while cruising over the large area of cerulean water. Adventurous marine life and colorful coral reef structure will make you visit here regularly.
November to February is the best time to visit the Elephant Beach to appreciate water sports exercises. There are many things to do at Elephant Beach which are as follows: Mirror boat rides
Gaze at the sunset or sunrise

3. Neil Island

Neil Island is a part of the South Andaman Administrative District and belongs to place with Ritchie’s Archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. This place with containing huge sea isolates it from Ross Island and Havelock Island, Tourists visiting Havelock frequently make the multi day-long excursion to Neil Island. Maybe the most charming element of this island is its three sandy shorelines, specifically Bharatpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, and the Lakshmanpur Beach. The backwoods of forest spread has reduced significantly because of the development of rice yet a segment in the north-west of the island is being protected effectively.
Kalapathar Beach
Kalapathar contains a long stretch of white satiny sand with huge dark rocks alongside the blue ocean and is one the most well-known shorelines of Havelock Island. Being situated on the one tip of Havelock Island, Kalapathar Beach is named after a Black Road (Kalapathar in Hindi) which runs parallel to the seashore. The shoreline is little, however, the route to the shoreline is generally excellent. Entrancing perspectives on dusk at this shoreline makes it an ideal goal to invest some tranquil energy and furthermore the shoreline isn’t so packed which has kept it clean to date. The turquoise-hued water can really be seen during the drive to the shoreline which makes it look much additionally hypnotizing. The dark shakes the lie along the seashores makes a splendid stand out along with silver sand. Green thick backwoods of forests surround from all over the sides. The entire shoreline is agreed with rich greenery and probably the best element about the shoreline is that it is nearly quiet. As the quantity of individuals is lesser, Kalapathar Beach is extremely uncommon for couples and families who might spend time in peace.

Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach is viewed as the sun’s point for the tourist. Yet again clean shoreline of Andaman with the pleasant perspective on dusk point. Laxmanpur beach is a beautiful waterfront covering a tremendous stretch of the zone of Laxmanpur town. The beach is secured with the cover of white shells over the sand contrary to the blue ocean. The shoreline is flourished with numerous corals and ocean shells, regularly gathered by the tourist as memories. White shell sand with shallow waters and dead corals make it an ideal spot for snorkeling also. The wide shorelines become an ideal night walk where in the one hand you are suitable best climate and serenity and then again with such heavenly nature of nightfall.

Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach is called Beach number 5 or Sunrise Beach. It is an amazing stretch of brilliant sand on Neil Island, set against the sky blue skies and turquoise sea. The differentiation made by the blue waters makes it a spellbinding fascination. Mostly popular its charming sunsets and sunsets, it is completely protected to swim in. Concealed on the shore by thick palms, it is probably the best spot to encounter the magnificence of the Andamans. Be that as it may be set up as it is an unexplored region. There are not very many spots offering food eatables and drink choices and advised to carry your own. You can reach Sitapur beach by ferry or jetty from Port Blair to Neil Island which lies at a distance of 65km from Port Blair.


Bharatpur Beach is one of the most lovely shorelines of Neil Island. Enhancing with a green environment and clean sand, the shoreline looks very welcoming. The bright colorful coral reefs make the spot look even more lovely. Swimming and snorkeling are other activities that can be done here to explore aquatic beings. Probably one of the best activities at Bharatpur Beach is going for a bottom boat ride to have a more intensive look over the reefs. Bharatpur beach is placed at a large portion of a kilometer away from the Neil Island jetty. The sunrise and Sunset here overlook here are paramount. The peace of the place comes as a blessing for serenity searchers.