• Weather 

Andaman Islands are in the tropical region, so a tropical climate prevails here throughout the year. December to may third week will be the perfect time to visit Andaman. From may last week to November the monsoon season will be on force bringing thunderstorms and cyclonic winds. December to February is winter season and the nights will be too cold to enjoy. Temperature may fall below 20 -degrees Celsius. The summer season in March will be perfect time to visit Andaman for water sports activities and trekking. Temperature will go up to 35 degrees Celsius during summer.

  • backpacking

  A large backpack will be perfect as you will be in ships, local boats, buses, and taxis. Never forget to pack your camera and accessories. First aid kit with an insect and mosquito repellent is advised to carry. You can also pack a sunglass, hat, and sunscreen cream.

  • currency: money exchange 

 Being an Indian Island territory, Indian rupee is valid in Andaman. Currency exchange are available in the capital city of port Blair and veer Savarkar International airport.

  • commutation in Andaman 

  Boat is the major mode of transport in Andaman Islands. Government ferry service is available for fare charges. Boat services available during the day hours only. Last boat will leave by 5 pm. Government buses, taxis, autos etc are available on the NH 4 or Andaman Trunk Road. Road travel will the best to enjoy the scenic villages of Andaman.

  • Stay in Andaman

Many luxurious and budget-friendly beach front resorts are available in Andaman Islands. Many eco-friendly huts and food inclusive home stays are also available near beach side and offside too. It is advised to book your hotel before reaching Andaman as there will be a price hike with respect to seasons.

  • Connectivity in Andaman Islands

There are only few network providers operating in Andaman Islands. Communication while on boat and NH will be difficult 

  • Culinary

 Andaman is a paradise of seafoods. Local vendors will be preparing delicious seafoods at an affordable price. Seasonal sea foods are advised to eat because of their availability. Veg hotels are also there in Andaman. Foods in resorts will be expensive comparing to hotels and local restaurants.

  • Water sports 

Water sports activities like Banana Boat Rides, Snorkelling, scuba diving, parasailing, and kayaking are available in Andaman. One of the important tips to note before your trip is to pre-book your water activities.