Every trip is someone’s dream of a lifetime. India has a lot to offer for those enthusiasts who are into travelling leaving their comfort zones. With the growing popularity of adventure sports among the Indian populace, numerous new and classic adventure sports are emerging. India has a long list of insane opportunities when it comes to exhilarating activities to do on your trip. It is never too late, it is great if you have decided to start your true life experiencing the wonders this earth has got for us. Let us look into some of the best adventure sports to try in India. Andaman offers the ideal combination of thrill and adventure for making your dream trip unforgettable, with tranquil beaches, gorgeous shoreline, and a range of water activities. Andaman & Nicobar Islands, home to India’s only active volcano, white sand beaches, and spectacular flora and fauna, are never a bad choice for true wanderlust. Getz Destinations presents you the best Andaman tour package in store, with breath-taking beach vibes, magnificent British architecture, and sumptuous lodging. When it comes to thrill, excitement and adventure Andaman has endless possibilities to offer you.

Best time to visit Andaman – Andaman is best visited from October to May. The weather will be calm and nice, allowing you to fully enjoy everything that Andaman has to offer, including all water sports.

How to reach Andaman – port Blair is the only airport in Andaman, direct flights are available from New Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai to Port Blair.

Best adventure sports to try in Andaman


Snorkelling is an excellent way to experience the wonders of the underwater world and marine life, especially if you are not confident in your swimming abilities. Snorkelling, which is typically done in shallow water depths is the best for people who are not that confident in swimming. The Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal are a tropical paradise for snorkelers. Its many allures include crystal blue waters, pristine beaches, and virgin rainforests. Elephant Beach on Havelock Island is the best spot for snorkelling in Andaman with the warm and inviting waters for your best snorkelling session.

The price for snorkelling on Elephant beach starts from INR 1000.

Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving is for individuals who want a more exhilarating encounter of marine life by diving into the depths of the Andaman’s densest coral reef ecosystem. It is one of the most popular water sports in the world, and the Andaman Islands are the finest place to go for a safe and exciting diving experience. Long stretches of reef, vivid fish, and clear shallow waters make locations such as Havelock Island ideal for scuba diving. Best spots in Andaman for scuba diving are Havelock Island, North Bay Island, Neil Island, Port Blair.‍ The best beach for diving will be Elephant and the affordable one will be Nemo reef. Cost for diving will depend on the location and the service provided. 


Why not take in the Andaman’s stunning splendour by flying high above the water’s surface and ride the breeze. Havelock Island, North Bay Island, and Port Blair all offer parasailing. A para sailing session will cost roughly 3500 dollars. Check the price with each service provider, as some of them provide the session with a variety of offerings and a lower price. Offering a spectacular aerial view of the bengal sea and the gorgeous beaches, parasailing would definitely be the highlight of the trip. 

Sea walking 

Walking on the bottom and viewing all of the ocean’s beauties is an experience that will never be forgotten. Every traveller who is considering a vacation to Andaman should include sea walking on their bucket list. North Bay Island and Havelock Island are the ideal places to go sea walking since they both have a lush coral reef with a diverse range of marine flora and fauna, as well as vivid fish that will blow your mind.

Island hopping

Andaman is well-known for its islands, and visitors come to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the islands as well as the thrilling activities available. Andaman has nearly 37 permanently inhabited islands, with nearly 15 of them welcoming tourists to have the best time possible. Ferries from Port Blair to various islands, including Havelock Island, North Bay Island, and Neil Island, will be available.


Andaman is famous for its beach vibes, but it also has a variety of thrilling treks that you should not miss on your Andaman trip. Madhuban, which is only 20 kilometres from Port Blair, is the best place to go on a trek in Andaman. Madhuban trek is a must-do activity in Andaman.

Mountain Biking 

If you’re tired of the same old activities, try mountain riding. Mountain biking is the new obsession for thrill-seekers, owing to the enormous variety of hills and mountains, Andaman has some amazing  spots to bust the dust. Riding a bicycle off-road across rugged terrain may be extremely exhilarating. Check out our Andaman tour package for the best deals in adventure sports activities in Andaman.


Kayaking in the Andaman Islands is a well-known hobby that has piqued the interest of many people. The activity is presently only offered on Havelock Island, but we anticipate that it will be available in Port Blair within a year. In the Andaman Islands, kayaking is done in the mangroves. During your Kayaking tour, you will be accompanied by a guide. Check out our website for the best deals in adventure sports. Our expert travel consultants will brief all the journey begins, you will receive a brief orientation on how to paddle and handle a Kayak. Following that, we begin our Kayak excursion by taking a sea path to the mangrove site.

Glass bottom boat rides 

In the islands, glass bottom boat trips are quite popular. These glass bottom boats are designed specifically for viewing marine life beneath the surface of the water from above. These boats have glass bottoms, allowing you to see the brilliant corals and diverse underwater flora and wildlife up close.