A place of turquoise blue beaches and a slice of paradise

Published Date : November 11, 2021

Andaman comprises of 572 islands and 37 of it is inhabited, some of which is open for tourists. Havelock island is known as one of the most famous islands in Andaman. It has the most mesmerizing beach and has many adventure activities that takes place. One can explore many beautiful places and islands while in Andaman. It is known as one of the most famous places for honeymoon couples. Andaman honeymoon tour packages are being allotted to the ones that plan onto staying for a week or two in their desired destination. One can enjoy to the fullest with their better half and make the most of it. Making an advance booking can save tons of money for further use. The whole island is said to be covered with big or giant Mangrove forest.


It’s natural beauty and virgin forests attracts people from all over the world. The Andaman romantic tour package comes with all the necessities and sightseeing opportunities one doesn’t want to miss with their partner and moreover the blue vast ocean body keeps calling people back to it so it is known as one of the best destinations to explore because the more you know about the more you’ll fall for its beauty.


While the whole time we’re talking about this destination being the best one for couples let us help you more with it. Let us tell you about the most romantic trip packages to Andaman and what more does it have in store for people who visit.


Below are a few easy ye helpful things that will make your next trip worth it!


Best things to do in Andaman for couples:

  • Candlelight dinner on a cruise
  • Rent a Scooty at the Havelock Island
  • Andaman lighthouse to seal it forever
  • Dolphin glass bottom boat ride
  • Sea walking hand in hand
  • Trekking that covers the long island beach
  • Light & Sound show at Cellular Jail
  • Go for a Helicopter ride
  •  Visit one of the most beautiful beaches i.e. Radhanagar beach
  • Visit museums like Forest and Anthropological Museum.
  •  North Bay Island Andaman
  • Go Dolphin watching

If these aren’t enough one can actually explore all the beautiful beaches and islands that is present in the given destination or you can even enjoy Sea Plane Ride, Parasailing, Island Hopping, Sea Walking and much more! As we said the more you’ll know about it, the more you’ll fall for it.


Honeymoon Package: The normal vacation costs much cheaper than that of honeymoon as the honeymoon packages actually include all the requirements which a couple would need in their trip and hence everything is taken into account. One can get a package of 5 to 6 nights for at least 50-60,000/- with inclusive of food, accommodation and sightseeing of course. 


Make the most of the trip with your partner and travel hassle free so that you can enjoy all that you want without worrying about anything else and come back with the best of memories!

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