Tirthan Valley derives the name from the Tirthan river. It is located at a height of 1600m above the sea level in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This place is ideal for trekkers, fishing, wildlife watching and exploring the beauty of the valley. Banjar valley word synonymously used for Banjar tehsil. It covers a total area of 1100 square km. Jibhi another name is popular from Banjar valley. There is no difference between Banjar, Tirthan or Jibhi. They all are part of Banjar Valley. Surrounded by a few villages. Explore the beauty of Tirthan Valley in the lap of Himalayas Nature.

Most Jibhi & Gushaini are the two most famous tourist spots in Tirthan. The Tirthan Valley also refer as the Trout Fishing Valley. It is the main gateway to the Himalayan National Park. The place offers visitors trekking from 2 days to 15 days. These treks start from beginner to advanced levels. A person can explore a high reach of up to 4000m. If you’re planning for hiking or trekking with your family or friends. You’ll definitely love to do trekking and hiking here. This place serves the best base camp for trekking.

Sightseeing the beauty of near places like Sainj, Raghupur Fort, Shringa Rishi Temple, Gushaini, Pekhri Village and others. You can stay at Trishla Hotel. The resort gives a beautiful nature overview. It is the most pretty resort surrounded by followers of the garden. A resort is located about 2 km from Himalayan National Park. The region contains rich biodiversity of flora and fauna vegetation. Tourists enjoy adventurous sports activities too here.

Do you love River Crossing? Enjoy the adventurous river crossing activity in the Tirthan Valley. Serolsar Lake is also another eye-catching attraction near the village. Located about 5 km from Jabri Pass. The lake is devoted to the Goddess Budhi Nagin. Don’t miss to do Trout Fishing here.

Explore places near Tirthan valley like Banjar, Sai Ropa, Batachad, Sainj Valley and others. Banjar is the largest entry point of the town. Here visitors explore the big market of shops and restaurants. Sai Ropa located about 5 km from the Banjar route to Gushaini. Mostly this place to stay in a guest house while traveling to the Himalayan National Park. Nagini situated a few km away from the Sai Ropa. Nearly a popular waterfall is known as Choi. Batachad or Bathad is the small village in Phalachan Valley. Situated 10 km away from Gushaini. Tirthan river Phalachan or Flaccan meets near the Gushaini. It is the main starting point for the Bashleo Pass Trek. Visit and explore the beauty of Tirthan valley.



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