The Sandakphu or Sandakfu is the top highest peak of the West Bengal. It gives a splendid view from the top of the highest peak. Visitors can reach the peak by car or trekking. It is about 51 km long up to the hill. The peak is also referred to as the ‘mountain of poisonous plants’ due to the presence of Himalayan cobra lilies.  The path is quite thrilling through the valleys with lush green lands.he Sandakphu Phalut Trek also is known as sleeping Budha or Sleeping with spaced legs image.

The place offers 600 varieties of orchids. The word Sandakphu meaning ‘Height of the Poison Plant’. The name derived from the poisonous aconite plants. It is an ideal place to offer 180 degrees overlook. Most tourists enjoy trekking here. It takes about 58 km distance to travel from Darjeeling to Sandakphu. You’ll definitely love snow peaks here. The region offers a home to flowers, plants of primula and rhododendrons that all blossom in the spring season.

Mainly the highest point of the Singalila Ridge of the Darjeeling district. Located near the edge of the Singalila National Park. The best place to present the overlook four of the five highest peaks in the world. Enjoy the sightseeing panoramic view of places near Sandakphu. Stretching over a long distance to explore nearly the places of Sandakphu are Manebhajan, Chitrey, Tonglu, Tumling, and Bikeybhanjan. Visit Sandakphu Peak for trekking with family and friends.

1. Manebhanjan

Manebhanjan is a small town situated near Darjeeling. Here mostly find houses and camps set up for trekkers. While traveling Manebhanjan overlook villages on both India & Nepal side border. Enjoy the trekking to the Manebhanjan.

2. Chitrey

In the starting, the slopes of Manebhajan will be difficult for the first time traveling visitors. Due to difficulty, most visitors prefer to begin the trek from Chitrey. The region surrounded by lush greenery towering oaks and pines. Proper facility for homestay and other accommodations for trekkers.

3. Tumling

Visit other beautiful spots of Tumling in Sandakhpu. It is a small village town in Nepal. Around nearly away Singalila National Park check post is located. It is the main entry point in the Sandakphu. The trek offers the colorful flora with light and greens & browns. In the night offers a clear view of the Indian border and glittering lights of the Darjeeling and Kurseong.

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